Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 326

Since that night, when Liang Chao heard Tang Guo say that the reason she attracted so much attention was simply because he didn’t want to control the pleasure of seeing Su He in a bad situation.

She also said she only had hatred for Su He, no liking.

In the following days, Liang Chao observed and indeed found that Tang Guo’s gaze towards Su He held no warmth.

Bai Wenwen also seemed to avoid him, looking at him with a bit of disgust, which he found very strange.

In the days that followed, Tang Guo and Liang Chao lived very comfortably.

Everyone noticed that Tang Guo was incredibly versatile. Not only could she spear fish, catch crabs, and fish for lobsters, but she could also hunt and recognize various plants in the forest, even finding edible ones.

They lived here for a month and couldn’t just eat meat; they also needed some vegetables and fruits.

Every day, Tang Guo and Liang Chao went out happily and returned with full loads.

What they couldn’t finish, she distributed to everyone, except Su He’s group.

Su He and Bai Wenwen felt incredibly awkward.

Even the live broadcast audience were numb:

“Faced with such blatant targeting, I’m actually getting used to it.”

“This woman is toxic.”

“But she’s really amazing; I’ve learned a lot about plants and wild fruits from her.”

“I checked online, and what she said is accurate. Some of the plants she mentioned aren’t even recorded online. I’ve heard that several botanists are heading to the forest to study those unrecorded plants.”

“Wow, she’s so awesome.”

Half a month passed in this way, Liang Chao gained a few more pounds, and apart from Su He’s group, everyone else gained some weight.

The two of them were always clean and comfortable.

The others were different, looking a bit disheveled, especially Su He and Bai Wenwen, who were both pale and thin.

Cui Ni and Cui Yuanbin whispered, “Never offend Tang Guo.”

“Yeah, let’s be more friendly to Tang Guo from now on.”

“She’s quite interesting,” Chu Nuo said to Bai Ningxue.

Bai Ningxue looked up, glanced at the busy woman over there, and smiled, “It’s the first time I’ve seen Bai Wenwen unable to handle someone.”

Since returning from abroad, Bai Wenwen had changed a lot, especially in that those who opposed her always ended up unlucky.

Because of this peculiarity, she always chose to stay away from Bai Wenwen and avoid contact.

Unexpectedly, Bai Wenwen had a nemesis. She only hoped this nemesis could live long.

Two days later, Chang Yuan called everyone together, “A mysterious investor has given you a task.”

“They’re airdropping items into a specific area of the forest. All you need to do is find this item before the end of the live broadcast, and you’ll immediately receive a prize of one billion, as well as investment in a movie for the successful team.”

Not only the people present, but even the live broadcast audience was excited.

“I really want to know who this mysterious investor is, to be able to play like this.”

“If I had money, I’d also hire big stars for a game of hide and seek.”

The next day, everyone geared up, took the map provided by the show, and started walking deeper into the forest.

This task was actually a bit dangerous because no one followed them, only the miniature cameras.

Director Chang had also mentioned that the show’s crew had already fenced the area’s edge a few days ago, so there wouldn’t be any large beasts.

Not long after Tang Guo and the others left, someone arrived across the river.

Chang Yuan was surprised to see the person.

Only those participating in the wilderness survival had miniature cameras, so the live broadcast audience couldn’t see what the show staff were doing.

“What brings you here?”

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