Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 325

“Then excuse me.”

If it weren’t for the cameras, he definitely wouldn’t spare this woman.

So disrespectful.

“Su He, I’m telling you, for this month, no one from your group is allowed to borrow anything from me. No exceptions, especially not for you.”

Su He abruptly turned around and met Tang Guo’s smiling eyes. She continued, “Also, please remember, I have a man.”

This statement nearly made Su He explode with anger. How could someone so openly admit to being kept?

[Host, Bai Wenwen seems to be heading towards Liang Chao.]

Tang Guo squinted her eyes. “Is she trying to attack Liang Chao again?”

[Probably… probably, yes.]

“Isn’t that courting death?”

“Liang Chao won’t disappoint me.”

Tang Guo looked meaningfully at Liang Chao standing by the river. Bai Wenwen approached him, praising his well-pitched tent and the nice shower shed, asking if she could get some tips from him.

Bai Wenwen was actually desperate. Her task had not made any progress. Su He liked her, but something always seemed to be missing.

She approached Liang Chao for two reasons: to increase Liang Chao’s favorability rating and to make Su He take her more seriously, thereby increasing Su He’s favorability rating.

“Actually, Ah He has long since stopped caring about those things.”

Bai Wenwen observed Liang Chao’s expression. “If you have time, persuade Tang Guo. Tell her not to be so stubborn and to find herself again.”

These words were not wrong, provided Liang Chao had no ill feelings toward her.

[Ding, Liang Chao’s favorability rating -5. Current favorability rating has reached the lowest value of -100. Task to conquer Liang Chao has failed.]

[Host task failed, you will be electrocuted for ten minutes.]

Bai Wenwen’s eyes widened, and before she could react, she fell to the ground from the intense pain of the electric shock.

This scene not only startled the live broadcast audience but also everyone else.

Su He ran the fastest, picking Bai Wenwen up and glaring fiercely at Liang Chao. “Even if it’s for Tang Guo’s sake, you shouldn’t bully Wenwen. She doesn’t know anything.”

Liang Chao’s face turned cold. “I didn’t lay a hand on her.”


“Liang Chao indeed did not bully Bai Wenwen.”

Tang Guo walked over, staring at the pale and twisted face of Bai Wenwen, who was convulsing in pain. The agony would last for ten minutes. Tang Guo smiled.

Truly happy.

System: Happy.

“You really have no sympathy at all.” Su He saw Tang Guo smiling and couldn’t hold back any longer. He carried Bai Wenwen back to the tent.

The scene was a bit awkward, and everyone dispersed.

Whether Liang Chao bullied Bai Wenwen or not, they could just check the footage. Su He was indeed being hasty by accusing him of bullying.

But no one missed the gloating look on Tang Guo’s face.


“She’s so happy.”

“I’ve always said this woman has a hard heart, no conscience.”

“From now on, I’ll just be a fan of her looks.”


“She laughs at others when they are uncomfortable. This kind of person will always be blacklisted.”

“Anyway, I like her.”

[Host, more people are scolding you again.] The system wasn’t worried, just giving a heads-up to its host.

Tang Guo opened a bottle of wine and drank it with pleasure. “That’s fine.”

“This time, I will make everyone pay.”

The system didn’t quite understand, was the host planning something big?

“Come, Liang Chao, drink.”

Liang Chao took the cup and couldn’t help but ask, “Do you still care about Su He?”

“No, who said I care about him?”

“If you don’t care about him, why… why do those things?” Those things that draw special attention.

“Compared to Su He, I think you and Qiao Nie have a brighter future together.”

Watching the live broadcast, Qiao Nie raised his eyebrows and started to see Liang Chao in a more favorable light. He thought he might let him audition for the next male lead role.

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