Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 324

The group quickly followed Tang Guo’s method, finding some damp wood. After burning it, there was indeed a lot of smoke, and the mosquitoes that had been buzzing around their ears were driven away. They finally felt a sense of relief.

They also imitated Tang Guo’s earlier method of digging a pit for hot water, heated quite a bit of water, and comfortably took a bath.

Although there wasn’t a manual showerhead, it was still more comfortable than taking a cold shower.

The entire production team had an increasingly good impression of Tang Guo. When she thought of solutions, she didn’t stop others from using them.

On the contrary, if anyone had any doubts, they could still ask her.

Of course, except for Su He and Bai Wenwen.

At first, Su He came to ask Tang Guo to borrow a manual showerhead. Tang Guo, with a blank face, said two words, “Not lending.”

Her indifferent personality no longer elicited any ill feelings from the fans.

She always shows her true character, and they really don’t know how to criticize that.

“Do you really have to make it like this?” Su He felt a bit hurt. “I don’t mind what happened before, there’s no need for us not to be friends, right?”

“I really don’t understand, since you chose to leave back then, why are you regretting it now?”

“I already have Wenwen, Tang Guo, I hope you can understand, I can’t break up with Wenwen just because you’re regretting it and are unwilling.”

The way he shifted the blame was impressive. Clearly, Su He came to borrow the showerhead, and Tang Guo didn’t lend it, but it turned into her being unreasonable because she was unwilling to accept Su He not breaking up with Bai Wenwen.

Why doesn’t this guy just ascend to the heavens?

Actually, Su He wanted to borrow many tools from Tang Guo. He thought that in front of the camera, Tang Guo wouldn’t refuse.

Unexpectedly, she not only refused but did so very decisively.

“Movie Emperor Su, did you misunderstand something?” Tang Guo said with a faint smile. In the dim firelight, her fair face had a slight blush, making her look quite pretty.

Anyway, the live broadcast viewers watching were mesmerized: “Beauty enthusiasts, get ready to lick the screen.”

“I’m already with another man.”

When Tang Guo said this, everyone felt like they had been hit by a truck.

What is the relationship between Qiao Nie and her? Doesn’t she have any clue?

Everyone knows that Tang Guo is Qiao Nie’s kept woman.

If they were really in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, could Qiao Nie not make it public?

Because of Tang Guo, Qiao Nie’s reputation was ruined, all because she implicated him.

The audience recalled the comments scolding Qiao Nie, which this woman had liked one by one, and felt bad all over again.

“Did Director Qiao do something bad in his past life to deserve encountering this woman?”

“To think Director Qiao’s lifelong reputation was ruined just like that.”

Tang Guo glanced at Su He, “You’re really strange. What regret and unwillingness are you talking about? Weren’t you here to borrow the showerhead?”

“What, because I didn’t lend it to you, you’re angry and can’t help but bring up those old embarrassing things to argue with me?”

“Su He, you’re so petty.”

“Are you jealous that I found a man better than you?”

Su He clenched his fists. This woman was truly unreasonable.

Obviously, she couldn’t stand seeing him doing well.

What regret, if she really regretted it, would she turn back to Qiao Nie?

“Not lending, not lending, no matter how many times you ask, I won’t lend. Even if you were someone I liked a lot back then…” She paused, “I don’t like you now, so I won’t lend it.”

When Su He saw her saying she liked him, there was a special glint in her eyes. At that moment… he froze for a moment, thinking she really liked him.

But that feeling quickly disappeared. It’s impossible that Tang Guo truly liked him.

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