Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 323

Tang Guo’s gaze didn’t waver as she continued, “If you throw dirty clothes into the river, how are we supposed to drink the water?”

“Have you not learned any basic wilderness survival? When encountering such a clear and clean river like this, to survive here, it’s best to fetch water using containers. Otherwise, you’ll end up polluting the water.”

Bai Wenwen’s face stiffened. She thought Tang Guo was going to warn her about something serious but didn’t expect it to be about polluting the water by washing clothes.

Everyone else heard it too, and the men who had originally planned to swim in the river quickly put down their clothes.

Tang Guo was right. They had to survive here for a month. If they polluted the water, they wouldn’t be able to survive at all.

Bai Wenwen awkwardly took her clothes back and forced a smile, saying to Tang Guo, “Thank you for the reminder.”

Only heaven knows how uncomfortable she felt saying that.


“Wow, wow, wow, Tang Tang is so professional.”

“She actually knows how to protect drinking water. I underestimated her.”

“In regards to Tang Guo, I don’t think she’s the type to abandon her boyfriend for wealth and status.”

“Let’s keep things separate. Watch the live stream for the previous issues and don’t try to cover them up.”

Because of Tang Guo’s words, everyone was careful when fetching water and didn’t dare to wash anything near the river.

Chang Yuan was very satisfied. The reality show showcased the actors’ lifestyles while mixing in some positive energy, which was a good touch.

Inviting Tang Guo to this reality show was definitely the right decision.

Initially, the plan was to attract viewers with Tang Guo’s previous “popularity,” but it really worked.

When the show ends, Tang Guo is likely to be the biggest winner. Chang Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly. This woman is not simple, no wonder Qiao Nie was willing to get involved with her.

At the campsite, the food for the first day was provided by the show.

From the second day onwards, they had to prepare their own.

“We’re doomed… we’re doomed…” Cui Ni’s face was pale. “Brother, I forgot to bring mosquito coils.”

It’s summer, and they’re in a big forest full of mosquitoes. One bite could cause a nasty reaction.

With their delicate skin, a few bites would make their skin unbearable.

They can’t stay in the tent all the time, can they?

Bai Ningxue also stiffened for a moment, then silently took out two mosquito repellent liquids from her backpack. Chu Nuo happened to see this and his face stiffened too.

“I forgot there’s no electricity here.”


“Hahaha… Bai Ningxue is so adorable.”

“Yeah, my goddess Xue is really cute. She actually brought mosquito repellent liquid to the wild.”

“I brought floral water,” Bai Wenwen said, “but only two bottles.”

Everyone shook their heads. Two bottles were definitely not enough, even for just Bai Wenwen and her friend.

The audience eagerly looked at Tang Guo again, anticipating her to bring out some other good stuff.

But this time, Tang Guo said, “I didn’t bring mosquito coils.”

The actresses from several teams all looked distressed. Surviving in the forest in the summer without mosquito coils would leave them covered in bites within two days.

“As for the mosquitoes, you don’t actually need to worry too much,” Tang Guo said, drawing everyone’s attention.

“Just find some mosquito-repellent plants, and that will do.”

“Which ones are mosquito-repellent plants?” Cui Ni asked, not wanting to get bitten.

Even Bai Wenwen was hoping Tang Guo would come up with a solution. Her points were not enough to exchange for items, otherwise, she could have exchanged for mosquito coils.

“If you don’t recognize mosquito-repellent plants, just find some moist wood. Burning this type of wood produces thick smoke, which can drive away mosquitoes, moths, and other insects. It also burns for a relatively long time.”

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