Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 322

The large pit was filled with water halfway, and the stones on the other side were almost heated up.

“Liang Chao, throwing stones into the water pit is not a suitable task for me.”

Liang Chao looked delighted, “I’ll do it.”


“Movie Emperor Liang, your persona is crumbling again.”

“Movie Emperor Liang, are you that happy to work?”

Qiao Nie stared at the smiling woman on the screen, especially when she was directing Liang Chao to work. At that moment, he had a feeling that he wanted to take Liang Chao’s place.

Seeing Liang Chao’s silly appearance while working, Qiao Nie’s eyes darkened. Perhaps… he could become a surprise guest?

“Wow, it’s really hot.”

Liang Chao was very curious. He tested the water temperature and then saw Tang Guo rummaging through her suitcase. Sure enough, she pulled out two showerheads.

Unlike the showerheads at home, the handle had something like a clamp handle, and below was a thin little tube.

Tang Guo gave one to Liang Chao and said, “Put the other end in the water. When you take a shower, squeeze the handle hard, and the water will come up. There’s no difference from the showerheads at home.”


“Indeed, it’s black technology. Although amazing, it’s not impossible to make.”

“I’m really curious now. Is the person who gave Tang Tang these things, a seasoned inventor?”

“If it’s true, when will these things hit the market? That’s what I’m concerned about.”

“I still want that suitcase.”


Liang Chao was very happy after getting the showerhead and said, “I’ll go build the shower shed,” without Tang Guo needing to say anything.

Tang Guo nodded, found a spot to sit down, and watched the other groups busy and having all sorts of funny incidents.

They had never experienced wilderness survival training. Their tents were unstable and took several tries to set up.

When making a fire, they used damp firewood, which resulted in thick smoke all around, and they thought it was on fire.

Anyway, the audience was laughing out loud. On Tang Guo’s side, they could only shout “666.” Now, the performance of the others finally balanced things out for them.

Well, not all celebrities are like Tang Guo, with all wilderness survival skills maxed out and possessing black technology.

Bai Wenwen and Su He finally managed to set up their tent and looked up. On Tang Guo’s side, two tents were set up very firmly, in a relatively hidden place, surrounded by mountains on three sides. Not only was it particularly safe, but there was also private space.

Not far from the tents, there was a steaming water pit, and a little further away, there was a shed of unknown purpose.

“Why have they finished everything?” Bai Wenwen couldn’t help but complain to 875, “These natives are really amazing.”

[Host, don’t underestimate the natives. Without this system, the host would only be crushed by the natives in this world.]

Bai Wenwen felt displeased but didn’t dare to say anything.

She picked up the clothes she had changed out of earlier and prepared to wash them by the river.

Just as she was about to throw the clothes in, she sensed someone coming. Turning around, she saw Tang Guo, which scared her into asking, “What are you doing?”

Suddenly remembering they were live, she put on a smile, “Tang Guo, do you need something?”

“Washing clothes?”


“It feels like Tang Tang is going to do something.”

“Tang Tang, don’t act on impulse. This is a live broadcast. Don’t push her into the river in a fit of anger.”

Tang Guo glanced at Bai Wenwen’s dirty clothes and said, “We have to survive here for the next month.”

“I know that, is there a problem?”

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