Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 321

The groups of Bai Wenwen and Su He, and Chu Nuo and Bai Ningxue, finally finished tying their rafts and paddled to the campsite.

Tang Guo stood by the riverbank, staring unblinkingly at Bai Wenwen’s pale face with an enthusiastic look that almost made Bai Wenwen faint with anger.

Su He took a deep look at Tang Guo, smiled at the camera, and then led Bai Wenwen away to find a place to set up their tent.

Liang Chao was setting up his tent nearby and even set up Tang Guo’s tent as well.

In his heart, Tang Guo was both his savior and little sister, so he had to take good care of her.

After finishing a bag of snacks, Tang Guo stood up.

The audience behind the screen watched as she walked to the suitcase and took something out of it.

“It looks like a small shovel.”

“It is a small shovel.”

“What is she going to do?”

After setting up the tent, Liang Chao saw Tang Guo digging a hole and walked over, asking, “What is this for?”

“To store water.” Tang Guo continued digging, “It’s too hot; we can’t go without a bath, right?”

Liang Chao’s face was puzzled. “Digging out mud and bringing in water will just make it easy to get muddy.” Although he liked extreme sports, he had never participated in survival training.

Not just Liang Chao, the others also had no basic knowledge of wilderness survival.

That’s why there was a reality show like “Into the Forest with the Stars.”

“It’s just to heat up the water,” Tang Guo said nonchalantly, “I brought a manual showerhead.”

Audience: “Did you hear what she said?”

“It seems like she brought a showerhead.”

“Where? I didn’t see it.”

“I guess it’s some kind of black technology1.”

“The previous commenter is right, I also think it’s black technology.”

“Kind of looking forward to it.”

Other groups noticed Tang Guo digging a hole but didn’t pay much attention.

The staff of the show was different; they had already brought in all the necessary supplies for a month and didn’t need to worry.

“Liang Chao, go start a fire.”

Although Liang Chao was puzzled, he still went to start a fire.

After digging a satisfactory big hole, Tang Guo went to the riverbank.

They thought she was going to fetch water, but she was picking up stones.

Audience: “I get it, she wants to heat the stones and throw them into the pit with water to get hot water.”

“It’s just that the sun isn’t strong now, otherwise, she could just fill the pit with water and let it heat in the sun all day.”

For people familiar with survival, this was not new, but for a big star to know, it was surprising.

Unconsciously, the audience became more curious about Tang Guo, and the number of insulting comments decreased significantly.

After Liang Chao started the fire, Tang Guo took the stones and placed them on the fire to heat.

She then turned back to the suitcase and, to the audience’s amazement, took out a long pipe.

Yes, that’s right! A pipe.

“666, I won’t even help an old lady cross the street, but I’ll help by bringing a water pipe.”

“Hahaha, Tang Tang is well-prepared.”

“As expected of my goddess.”

“Although I am a black fan of this woman, I have to admire her foresight at this moment. At least she’s not that brainless.”

“She’s very smart, okay? Look at the other groups; did any of them bring a pipe or a shovel?”

Tang Guo leisurely walked to the riverbank, threw one end of the pipe into the river, and told Liang Chao to hold the other end, saying, “The job of sucking water is up to you; such image-damaging work is not suitable for me.”


“Hahahaha… so straightforward.”

  1. Black technology” (黑科技, hēi kējì) refers to cutting-edge, futuristic, and advanced technologies that are often seen as revolutionary or almost magical in their capabilities. The term is used to describe innovations that seem to be ahead of their time and can evoke a sense of awe and wonder due to their sophistication and impact. ↩︎

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