Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 320

“Shall I go first?” Liang Chao asked, “Are you sure you can handle it?”

He still couldn’t quite believe it and glanced at the suitcase again. “This…”

Tang Guo pulled out a remote control, a move the audience was already very familiar with.

“Don’t tell me, it can really swim.”

“If it can, I’ll bow down to it.”

“Tang Tang, where did you get this black technology?”

After adjusting it, the suitcase indeed went into the water.

The people on both sides of the strait were blinking rapidly. Below the suitcase, a board appeared, and after entering the water, it surged like surfing directly to the opposite side.

When it reached the shore, it automatically extended two legs, climbed up human-like, and stood by the shore, as if waiting for its owner.

“Damn, Big Brother Suitcase, I’m kneeling to you, isn’t kneeling to you enough?”

“Our country has a rule: no spirits allowed after the founding of the People’s Republic. Mr. Suitcase, you better leave quickly, or you’ll get caught.”

Countless comments flooded in, pushing the show’s popularity to a new high.

Chang Yuan rubbed his nose; he hadn’t expected this. This was a reality show, and a suitcase had stolen the spotlight, and it did so with skill.

He glanced at Tang Guo on the other side. He’d ask her later who sent it. His daughter had just called again. If he didn’t bring it back this time, she’d definitely ignore him.

Liang Chao was no longer worried at all. He stepped on the tree trunk and ran swiftly to the other side. He was already good-looking and had a rebellious personality. Parkour had once been his favorite sport.

When he started running, he felt like he was back in his teenage years. Just as he was about to reminisce, he found himself on the other side.

He showed a somewhat regretful look, making the fans scream.

Qiao Nie sent another comment: “Liking parkour means this man is not stable.”

Of course, the comment was quickly drowned out.

Next up was Tang Guo. She also lightly jumped onto the tree trunk and ran swiftly, floating. Before anyone could react, she had already reached the other side.

This made people think that running across was actually very easy.

“Wow, wow, wow, Movie Emperor Liang is so handsome.”

“No, no, no, my Tang Tang is the coolest.”

“NO! I think the suitcase is the coolest.”


Bai Wenwen was also somewhat incredulous. “System, is there any charm that can let me run across like that?”

[Sorry, Host, you don’t have enough points. If you want to exchange for items, please work hard to complete tasks. Also, Tang Guo’s speed and skills are entirely her own abilities, without any external help.]

This clearly told Bai Wenwen she had to rely on herself.

Bai Wenwen almost cursed out loud. If it weren’t for being bound to this thing that required points for everything, would she have to painstakingly seduce men?

[After system program evaluation, the host enjoys seducing men but shows a negative attitude when facing difficulties. To encourage the host to continue working hard, this system decides to give the host an electric shock punishment.]

Before Bai Wenwen could refute, she felt as if her soul had been struck by lightning, her face turning pale instantly, and she couldn’t even scream.

After recovering, her disgust towards the system had reached ninety percent.

“So that’s the kind of punishment, huh?” Tang Guo was curious, “It can directly attack the soul.”

[If you’re interested, Host, wait until I absorb 875, and we’ll study it together.]

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