Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 319

“Director Qiao, are you sure the second female lead is Tang Guo?”

“I actually have my eye on this role. I wonder if Director Qiao can make an exception.” The investor said, having recently taken a liking to a newcomer, prompting him to speak up.

Director Qiao glanced at the middle-aged man, “No one can interfere with my casting decisions.”

The investor seemed a bit unhappy, “Director Qiao, just because Tang Guo is your person, you can’t….”

“I can give your candidate a chance to audition. If she performs better than Tang Guo, the role is hers.”

Of course, this was impossible, Director Qiao sneered inwardly.

The investor breathed a sigh of relief. He didn’t expect Director Qiao to agree, but as long as there was an audition opportunity, everything else could be managed.

Remembering some information he had overheard, he gave Director Qiao a deep look, quickly put on a smile, and left.

After leaving the room, he sneered. Wasn’t Tang Guo participating in a wilderness reality show? He doubted she’d return. Remembering that he had overheard it by chance, he quickly suppressed his expression.

Secret, this was a secret.

After the investor left, Director Qiao opened the live broadcast of the reality show and saw Tang Guo smiling at Liang Chao. His grip on the mouse tightened.

The Cui siblings had found two wooden poles about three meters long, tested their sturdiness, and decided they could support them across the river.

They put on their backpacks, extended the poles into the river, tied them to their legs, and began to cross.

The live chat was flooded with comments like “Cui siblings 666.”

They were very tense, supporting each other as walking on stilts in the water was challenging due to the strong resistance.

Fortunately, their skills were strong. After about ten minutes, they finally crossed the river, sweating profusely.

The groups of Bai Wenwen and Su He, as well as Bai Ningxue and Chu Nuo, had gathered a lot of wood and were making rafts.

Tang Guo and Liang Chao were also wandering in the forest. Viewers noticed they didn’t pick up any short pieces of wood and were unsure of their strategy.

Until… Tang Guo and Liang Chao encountered a whole fallen tree in front of them. The leaves had just fallen off. It was as thick as a thigh and about ten meters long.

Liang Chao took out a machete, cut off all the branches, leaving only a smooth trunk.

Then Liang Chao acted as the laborer, carrying the trunk back.

“Are they also making a raft, but want a whole tree?”

“Wow, are these two obsessive-compulsive?”

If they were making a raft, it wouldn’t be appealing. With two groups already making rafts, it lacked novelty.

Instead, the Cui siblings’ method was intriguing, crossing the river on stilts required real skill.

“I’m a bit worried their raft will sink with such a heavy suitcase.”

“Haha! You’re so toxic.”

“But the previous comment is right, the suitcase is heavy.”

Then they saw Liang Chao place the trunk across the riverbanks, and the chat fell silent.

“Is it what I think it is?”

“Is Movie Emperor Liang going to perform parkour for us?”

“If so, I’ll shout 666.”

“What about Tang Guo? What about her suitcase?”

According to everyone’s usual thinking, they wouldn’t believe Tang Guo could carry her suitcase and run across the trunk.

Especially since it was a seven-meter-wide river, the trunk was only as thick as a thigh and round. It was easy to slip off if you were not careful.

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