Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 318

“Ah… so cold.”

Bai Wenwen frowned and began to wash off the mud from her body.

The miniature camera had a privacy setting, so she wasn’t being filmed at the moment, and female staff members were outside the tent to guard her. The show crew respected the female actresses.

Meanwhile, Liang Chao was happily eating grilled fish. When he saw that Tang Guo wasn’t eating fish but was instead gnawing on crabs, he asked her why she wasn’t eating fish.

Tang Guo replied, “I don’t like eating fish.”

Seeing this, Liang Chao didn’t say anything more.

Many crew members of the show also went down to the river to catch fish, but few could catch fish as easily as Tang Guo, who could spear a fish with just one attempt.

After rock climbing and fishing, everyone had to admit that Tang Guo had wilderness survival skills.

After finishing their meal, Chang Yuan told each group that their camping spot was across the river.

The method of getting across was left for them to figure out. Swimming was an option, but their backpacks would get wet, damaging the items inside and wouldn’t be good for their image either.

The show crew designed this segment to test the actors’ ingenuity.

Most of the crew had already used the prepared motorboats to get across, leaving Tang Guo and the others behind.

Bai Wenwen was the first to think of a solution: build a raft. The river was seven meters wide, and a raft would be enough to cross it.

However, building a raft required cutting down trees, which was against forest protection laws. They could only use dead trees.

“I think Tang Tang and Movie Emporer Liang should have asked the show crew for a motorboat earlier, but they missed the chance.”

“Yeah, I didn’t realize that the reward for Bai Wenwen and Movie Emporer Su taking a bath was actually an opportunity to cross the river.”

“It can only be said that Director Chang is very crafty.”

Chu Nuo came to the riverbank and measured the water depth with a long bamboo pole. “It’s nearly three meters deep.”

If it were just him, he could swim across, even carrying a backpack. But the game wasn’t about swimming across.

“I think we can only build a raft.”

Bai Wenwen said, “But we can’t cut trees; we can only pick up dead wood.”

“It seems like building a bamboo raft is the only option.”

“What do you think?” Chu Nuo asked Bai Ningxue. Bai Ningxue shook her head; she didn’t have any wilderness survival skills. “We can only build a bamboo raft.”

“Then let’s go find some wood.”

Bai Wenwen pulled Su He to look for wood. No matter what, with so many teams, they had to be the first to find wood.

Cui Ni and Cui Yuanbin exchanged a smile. “Brother, we’re back to our old skills.”

“Haha, sister, I’m looking forward to it.”

Hearing the siblings’ words, fans suddenly remembered that these siblings were famous for walking on stilts. While most people could manage stilts about a meter high, experts could walk on three-meter stilts. These two had even walked on four-meter stilts.

As long as they found four logs each about three meters long, they could cross the river smoothly.

Then, they looked at Tang Guo and Liang Chao, hearing Tang Guo say, “You’ve done rock climbing and parkour, right?”

“Yeah, I have.”

Liang Chao was a bit embarrassed. In his teens, he was particularly fond of extreme sports and would rock climb and do parkour every week, even running on high-rise buildings, nearly giving his mother a heart attack.

Fans couldn’t help but laugh hearing about Liang Chao’s past.

But what was the point of Tang Guo asking this?

“They need at least four logs to get across the river; we only need one,” Tang Guo said meaningfully.

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