Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 317


When Bai Wenwen and Su He finally struggled to climb up the rock, they saw Tang Guo and Liang Chao sitting on a rock drinking red wine. Their faces twisted for a moment, and it was immediately captured by the camera.

“If I were Bai Wenwen and Su He, my expression would be even more ferocious.”

“Yes, I get it.”

“We all get it.”

“Those two are just too much.”

The red wine was taken out of Tang Guo’s suitcase, and at that moment, the staff were all stunned.

Tang Guo looked at the river behind the rock, “I wonder if there are any fish in there.”

“Grilled fish with red wine sounds nice.”

Liang Chao instinctively swallowed, “It does sound pretty good.”

When everyone else arrived, Chang Yuan almost wanted to kick those two out of the show. Drinking red wine was one thing, but now they were discussing catching fish from the river.

Why don’t they just go to heaven?


“They must be here for a vacation.”

“Wonder which tour group they signed up with.”

“Feeling envious.”

Chang Yuan cleared his throat, “Tang Guo and Liang Chao’s team got first place in rock climbing. You can make a request.”

“What do you want?” Tang Guo asked Liang Chao. He shook his head, “You decide. I don’t have anything I want.”

“Director Chang, could you give me a barbecue grill? We also need seasonings. You should have those, right?”

Chang Yuan chuckled, “You only want a barbecue grill?” They were prepared for this, since they had to survive in the wild for a month and couldn’t bring too much food.

If it became absolutely necessary, they would contact people outside to have supplies air-dropped.

When Bai Wenwen heard about the barbecue grill, her face twisted again. Her bathwater!

“There is water below. We can set up a tent by the river to wash,” Su He said. But the water was cold, and it would be uncomfortable to wash in. Su He regretted not bringing a small pot.

Upon hearing this, Bai Wenwen’s face paled. She grabbed Su He’s arm, “Ah He, we’re going to live here for a month, and we’ll only be able to take cold showers every day?”

Although she had a system, she didn’t dare to exchange things from it.

Bai Wenwen glanced at the two drinking wine over there and felt puzzled as to why her misfortune charm didn’t work.

[“Maybe Liang Chao has strong luck. Host, you need to work harder to gain Liang Chao’s favorability,”] 875’s voice was excited, but Bai Wenwen didn’t notice.

To be honest, Bai Wenwen was a bit anxious. In the past, no matter how difficult the task, she could overcome it.

This time, things started smoothly, but there was no progress later on.

She took on four tasks, and only Wei Chuan’s side showed significant progress. Su He’s side was stagnant, and the other two were almost at -100. If all tasks failed, she… she would be obliterated.

Tang Guo carved a spear and was fishing in the river with Liang Chao.

Every time Tang Guo thrust the spear, she would catch a fish, and the viewers’ comments were endless.

“Wow, her spearfishing skills are amazing.”

“Liang Chao, you haven’t caught a single fish.”

“Embarrassing, relying on Tang Guo to feed you.”

“It’s really that Tang Guo’s performance is so appealing that they can’t even bring themselves to scold her; they’re just impressed by the skills she demonstrates.”

“Xiao Guo, teach me. How do you always succeed?” Liang Chao asked with a frustrated face.

Audience: “Liang Chao, you’re being too unreasonable.”

Qiao Nie watched the two working well together by the river, moved his fingers, and sent a comment, “Liang Chao is not a real man.”

He finally felt a bit better.

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