Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 316

“She won’t give up, will she?”

“She’s had such a smooth journey so far; she might not be able to handle this.”

“Yeah, that suitcase is really good. I wouldn’t want to leave it behind either.”

They all wondered if Tang Guo would cry.

Then Tang Guo said to Liang Chao, “Let’s go.”

Liang Chao hesitated for a moment, then thought that Tang Guo must have an idea, and started climbing.

He intended to take his own bag and carry it, but Tang Guo refused, saying it was fine to have the bag tied to the suitcase.

The audience, hearing this, thought Tang Guo was giving up.

Next, Tang Guo began to climb.

She pulled out a small remote control, pressed something, and then started climbing the rock, completely ignoring the suitcase.

“Is she not taking the suitcase?”

“But if she doesn’t, she only has a small bag on her back. How will she live for the next month?”

Amid the crowd’s doubts, someone suddenly noticed that the suitcase moved!!

“Look, the suitcase is moving, it’s moving!”

What they saw next seemed terrifying; the suitcase sped towards the rock, with two iron claws extending out, gripping the rock and climbing up.

Its climbing speed was faster than a human’s.

“Please tell me this isn’t real. Is it a robot?”

“No, I think it’s a transformer, like… Bumblebee.”

“No, no, it should be called a ‘Boxman’. It can slide on flat ground, clear paths through grass, climb mountains, and maybe even swim.”

“Ahhhh, I want a suitcase like that.”

Su He was stunned, and Bai Wenwen was also dumbfounded.

Because the suitcase had just passed them and quickly climbed to the top of the rock.

Those climbing looked at the suitcase high above them, seemingly mocking them, their faces turning red.

Bai Wenwen gritted her teeth. So what if the suitcase was first? The director said it was about the team being first.

For the sake of bath water, she must get first place.

Bai Wenwen and Su He worked hard to climb up. The other two teams didn’t deliberately compete for first place, knowing it was meant for Bai Wenwen and Su He.

But… they should ask if Tang Guo and Liang Chao agreed.

“Let’s take first place.”

“Liang Chao, can you do it?”

Liang Chao blushed, “Xiao Guo, you can’t ask a man if he can do it on camera. Such a shameful question hurts a man’s pride.”

Audience: “Damn! Movie Emperor Liang’s character is really crumbling every day.”

“I’ve trained with the rock climbing team; it’s no problem at all.” He wasn’t climbing fast earlier, out of consideration for Tang Guo and fearing something might go wrong with her.

“Then let’s speed up.”

Everyone then saw a graceful figure climbing the rock quickly, almost running. Her swift and effortless movements stunned the onlookers.

Even Liang Chao was surprised and quickly followed.

“Wow! She can actually rock climb.”

“No way, isn’t her speed a bit scary? Is she cheating?”

“Damn, heroine, your skills are impressive.”

Although many still disliked Tang Guo, her performance showed she wasn’t just a pretty face.

Her fast climbing speed, neat and graceful movements reminded them of Lin Weiwei from “High School Romance,” another cool girl. The school drama had only aired halfway, and they were eagerly waiting for today’s update.

“Sorry, first place is mine.”

This was what Tang Guo said as she passed by Bai Wenwen and Su He.

Annoying and arrogant!

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