Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 315

If Su He had any feelings at this moment, it would be the desire to kill Tang Guo.

However, there were miniature cameras everywhere, so he couldn’t afford to break character even a little.

He had been walking on thin ice for the past few years, his position not yet fully secured, unlike actors like Cui Yuanbin and Chu Nuo who relied on their acting skills.

If his persona collapsed, all his efforts over the years would be in vain.

Tang Guo was his nightmare.

She left him when he was at his lowest and now, when he was at the peak, she wanted to ruin his life.

Su He didn’t show it on his face, but he had already sentenced Tang Guo to death in his heart.

Once this program ended, he would definitely make her regret it.

Bai Wenwen and Su He could only wipe off the mud on their bodies, change into the clean clothes they brought, and continue on.

The production team had stated from the beginning that they wouldn’t provide anything. If they asked for water to bathe in public, it would definitely be criticized.

Besides, the production team didn’t carry bathing water around. If they wanted to bathe, it would require a lot of manpower and resources.

“875, I want to exchange for a bad luck talisman and two luck talismans.”

Although they changed into clean clothes, many parts of their bodies were still soaked with mud, and the smell of mud and grass, along with a fishy stench, lingered.

“Throw the bad luck talisman onto Liang Chao and Tang Guo, and we’ll use the luck talismans.” Bai Wenwen was already at her limit. “Keep an eye out for me in front, make sure no other traps appear.”

What Bai Wenwen didn’t know was that the bad luck talisman she had 875 throw had already been taken back into Tang Guo’s system space.

They finally made it through the forest and reached the rocky area.

The rocks didn’t look very high, but they were not easy to climb.

The staff had already thrown down the safety ropes from the top of the rocks.

When Bai Wenwen and Su He, both in a bad mood, reached the rocky area, they immediately looked at Tang Guo.

The audience, who had been waiting here, also started to get excited.

“Ahhh, I haven’t even eaten lunch, I’ve been waiting for this moment.”

“That woman mocked my Movie Emperor Su earlier, now I want to see her cry.”

“My Wenwen is so gentle, how dare she mock her, now it’s her turn.”

Could one person be so lucky? Smooth sailing, without encountering any danger?

“Waiting for Tang Guo to cry.”

“Waiting for Tang Guo to throw the box.”

These two bullet comments filled the entire screen, and they couldn’t be stopped.

“Ah He, be careful.” Bai Wenwen looked at Su He, who was tied to the safety rope, and carefully checked it for him, naturally earning more praise from fans.

Su He also held her hand and said some encouraging words.

As for the Cui siblings, they hugged each other, expressing, “I’m so scared, brother, I’m afraid of heights,” “Sister, I’m scared too,” which made the audience burst into laughter.

The quietest ones were Chu Nuo and Bai Ningxue. They didn’t talk much but worked together quite well.

Tang Guo and Liang Chao, this duo, are known as the toxic pair, a deadly combination.

Tang Guo and Liang Chao also tied their safety ropes, but they didn’t start climbing immediately.

Everyone observed Tang Guo’s expression, trying to figure out what she was thinking. The camera even gave a close-up of the large suitcase, making the message clear to everyone.

The others glanced at Tang Guo and began to climb.

Chang Yuan had said earlier that the first person to reach the top could make a request to the production team.

Bai Wenwen and Su He exchanged a look; their request was for bathing water and clean clothes.

So, the two of them started climbing first.

The other two pairs followed closely, but Tang Guo hadn’t moved yet. She was drinking water and nibbling on a biscuit.

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