Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 314

Bai Wenwen was afraid that her favorability rating would immediately drop and she would be punished by the system if she got too close to Liang Chao, so she walked quickly.

She had also forgotten what Chang Yuan had said earlier about traps being set in the grass.

As she approached the large pit, Bai Wenwen stepped into it and screamed, instinctively grabbing Su He beside her and pulling him down with her.

Both of them were carrying backpacks, and the weight made it impossible for them to keep their balance, so they fell into the pit together.

Everyone: “…”

The audience: “…”

“Hahahahaha…” Liang Chao laughed maniacally, completely ignoring the fact that there were miniature cameras broadcasting his every move to the audience. After all, this was his carefree persona.


Even more bewildering was Tang Guo, who said “happy” to the camera, leaving everyone confused.

“Is it really okay for you to laugh at this?”

“Movie Emperor Liang, your persona is collapsing.”

“Tang Guo, that woman, is truly awful. People fall into a pit, and she actually says she’s happy.”

“I have to say, she never hides her dislike for those two.”

“She’s just more direct about it.”

“Hey, the one in front, stop washing. Yours can’t be cleaned; it’s already completely black.”

Although Chang Yuan was trying to hold back his laughter, he quickly had someone help the two who had fallen into the mud pit.

Tang Guo, not wanting to miss the excitement, was the first to arrive at the edge of the pit. Seeing the two people covered in mud, the corners of her mouth couldn’t help but curl up.

If Su He’s face weren’t completely covered in mud, he would have shown how bad his expression looked.

Bai Wenwen was in no better condition. Her hair was full of mud, and she had fallen in headfirst, so almost every part of her body was muddy.

“The miniature camera naturally won’t stop filming, so the images of the two people were watched by the live-streaming audience throughout the entire process.”

“Although I feel sorry for Movie Emperor Su and Wenwen, I can’t help but laugh.”

“Hahahaha, me too.”


Tang Guo stood at the edge, staring at them. Anyone could tell that she was truly delighted, without any attempt to hide it.

Cui Ni also came over to ask if the two were hurt, and even Bai Ningxue, who didn’t like Bai Wenwen, didn’t laugh but calmly called for help.

Only Liang Chao and Tang Guo seemed almost to say with their eyes, “Wow, wow, wow, you fell so well. You made us so happy, you are truly two weirdos.”

“Movie Emperor Su, are you alright?” asked one of the rescuers. If they weren’t injured, they could be pulled up right away.

Su He took a deep breath, maintaining his gentle persona. “I’m fine. Director Chang had already warned us about traps in the grass. It’s our lack of experience. This incident teaches us that when going through the grass, we shouldn’t be too hasty. We should probe the way first.”

Su He’s words made those who had been mocking him feel embarrassed and gained him some goodwill from fans. This move was indeed impressive.

Although Bai Wenwen was very angry, she had to smile in the face of the live broadcast.

After they were pulled up, Tang Guo asked, “Director, should they continue on or should they take a bath and change clothes first?”

“Are you providing the bath water?”

After she finished speaking, Su He and Bai Wenwen stared at Tang Guo with such muddy looks that it seemed like they wanted to eat her alive.

Qiao Nie sat in front of his computer, watching the smug look on the woman’s face inside, and his lips curved into a smile.

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