Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 313

“Tang Guo, stop being so stubborn at this time. Even if you don’t think about yourself, consider Movie Emperor Liang.”

Yes, this was the real reason Bai Wenwen was persuading Tang Guo.

She participated in this reality show to win Liang Chao’s favor and gain his favorability.

Additionally, she hoped to strengthen her bond with Su He in this setting, making the long-dormant favorability rating rise again.

“Wenwen is so gentle; she even speaks kindly to her rival.”

“Indeed, I heard that Wenwen is not only a talented girl but also a top student. She excels in everything from music, chess, calligraphy, and painting. How can Tang Guo, a mere pretty face, compare?”

Bai Wenwen and Su He both waited for Tang Guo to get angry, but after a minute, her expression hadn’t changed at all.

“Movie Emperor Liang, why don’t you try persuading her?”

“The wilderness isn’t like the city; being willful can cause many troubles. Moreover, there are various dangers ahead. As a team, we should understand each other and not always think of ourselves.”

It can be said that Bai Wenwen’s words thoroughly blackened Tang Guo from beginning to end.

If it weren’t for Liang Chao’s relationship with Tang Guo, he might have been swayed.

In Liang Chao’s view, this life was given by Tang Guo, and he doesn’t lack that bit of money anyway, so he might as well just play along.

If Tang Guo wanted to bring a suitcase, he would play along. It wasn’t a big deal.

Bai Wenwen’s words seemed like a deliberate attempt to smear Tang Guo, which annoyed him. Who was Bai Wenwen to slander Tang Guo?

[Ding! Liang Chao’s favorability -5, current favorability -95. Warning, warning, if Liang Chao’s favorability drops to -100, the strategy task will fail, and the host will face severe punishment.]

Bai Wenwen’s face darkened immediately. What did she do???

Why was Liang Chao acting so inexplicably???

Could this even reduce favorability??? Was she too ugly?

Tang Guo was wearing high boots with thick soles and a long-sleeved camouflage outfit. Her hair was tied up. If not for the large suitcase she brought, everyone would think she was a professional survivalist.

After Liang Chao’s favorability dropped, Bai Wenwen didn’t dare to approach. She had no desire to experience the painful punishment of mission failure.

Seeing Bai Wenwen moving away, Tang Guo smiled. “Tong Zi, what kind of punishment do you think Bai Wenwen will receive?”

[Host, I don’t know either. If you want to find out, you can make Liang Chao continue to dislike her. That 875 on the other side will punish her.]

“Tong Zi, you’re getting smarter.”

“Help me scan ahead for any traps.”

The system can scan a certain range, and along the way, it also helps Tang Guo bypass some difficult areas, making their group look like they’re strolling in a garden.

[“Host, there’s a big pit to the left front of Bai Wenwen, and there’s half a pit of muddy water inside.”]

“Liang Chao, let’s go this way,” Tang Guo pointed in the direction of the big pit.

Liang Chao had no objections whatsoever. He felt like he was getting the upper hand anyway. While other teams occasionally encountered some small traps and made some jokes, they went smoothly without any trouble.

Bai Wenwen also noticed Tang Guo and Liang Chao getting closer to her, which frightened her, so she hastened her pace.

[“Host, I suggest you follow the direction Tang Guo confirmed. Liang Chao seems to have good luck, so their journey should be smooth.”]

Bai Wenwen looked at her pants covered in weeds and mud, grabbed Su He, and pointed in the direction Tang Guo was heading. “Ah He, let’s go this way.”

“Tong Zi, is that 875 here to deceive Bai Wenwen?”

Otherwise, why would Bai Wenwen head straight for the pit?

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