Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 312

“Xiao Guo, where did you buy this suitcase?”

Liang Chao waved the machete in his hand, watching as the knives extending from both sides of the suitcase continuously cut through the plants on either side. He suddenly realized that the machete he brought was now useless.

At this moment, in front of the computer, millions of netizens were eagerly waiting for Tang Guo to reveal where she got the suitcase.

The director Chang Yuan was also nearby, listening intently.

Not to mention the other members of the production team, all eagerly anticipating…

“It was a gift from someone.”

This suitcase was something she had asked for from Emmanuel in the Inter-dimensional group chat. The interstellar technology was far more advanced than here by countless years, and this was considered an older model.

“Who gave it to you??”

“Yeah, goddess, please tell us who gave you the suitcase!!”

The audience was losing it!

Chang Yuan was also a bit exasperated. His daughter had just called to say she wanted a suitcase like that.

“You need to pass through three areas to reach the designated campsite,” Chang Yuan began. “First, you must successfully navigate through the grassland.”

Seeing that no one seemed to care, he sinisterly added, “Don’t think it’s easy to get through the grassland. The production team has set up some traps to enhance the game experience.”

“After passing through the grassland, you will encounter a rock mountain that you need to climb over. The production team will provide you with safety belts to ensure you won’t fall. As for how to climb while carrying your luggage,” Chang Yuan cast a meaningful glance at Tang Guo, not believing that the suitcase could climb mountains, “that will depend on your skills.”

The audience was getting excited hearing this.

“Director Chang is serious about this.”

“Hahaha, I want to laugh now. The suitcase might get through the grassland, but climbing a mountain…”

“Such a big suitcase, there’s no way to take it up. Even Movie Emperor Liang wouldn’t be able to lift it.”

“Tang Guo is going to cry.”

“Yes, I’m just waiting for her to cry.”

Unable to learn how to get the suitcase, the audience was a bit annoyed and eager to see Tang Guo make a fool of herself.

Chang Yuan observed everyone’s reactions. Many eyes were fixed on Tang Guo’s suitcase. Clearly, no one thought she could carry it up the mountain.

“The final step is a small stream. The production team hasn’t prepared any tools for you to cross it. How you get across is up to you,” Chang Yuan cheerfully explained before walking away.

Cui Ni said, “Brother, I really want to smash Director Chang’s head.”

“Sister, me too.”

Audience: “Hahahahaha…”

Liang Chao, thinking about the upcoming mountain climb and river crossing, glanced at the large suitcase. “Xiao Guo, is it okay?”

“I advise you to give up some impractical items. Although this suitcase is good, it’s not suitable for the wild.” Su He, who had somehow come over to Tang Guo, remarked. He certainly wouldn’t say anything inappropriate to Tang Guo on the live broadcast, “No one will help you when you climb the mountain.”

The audience didn’t mind Su He’s cold words. Instead, they felt the movie emperor was very considerate.

He’s still so kind to someone who once abandoned him, advising them to give up the heavy suitcase early.

“The Movie Emperor Su is indeed my idol.”

“My male god, my male god, I love you.”

“I like Su Su even more now.”

Bai Wenwen, wearing a faint smile, said, “Ah He is right. Such a big suitcase is really not suitable for mountain climbing.”

“No need.” Tang Guo refused with a smile. Su He’s purpose in persuading her was only one: to anger her and make her show a ferocious side in front of her fans.

This man was particularly ruthless.

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