Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 311


“You can do it like this?”

“This operation is really 666.”

“If nobody agrees, then support Tang Guo.”

“I don’t even help my grandma.”

Here’s what happened: Tang Guo walked in front, and her suitcase followed beside her. When she entered the forest, the path was no longer smooth, just a trail trodden out by people.

In short, for a big star who usually travels by car when going out or returning home, they definitely wouldn’t be used to this kind of path.

Then they saw Tang Guo’s suitcase, which had been trailing behind her, suddenly grow taller.

It sprouted two “legs” and walked ahead of Tang Guo.

What’s even more astonishing is that the suitcase had blades that extended outward. Wherever the suitcase passed, the nearby plants were churned into a pulp, creating a spacious path.

Two people walking side by side might still find it a bit narrow, but one person had plenty of room.

Meanwhile, others had to use sticks to push aside the dense grass in front of them, some plants even blocked their way horizontally. If they didn’t jump over them, they had to bend down, and for those plants that were neither too high nor too low, they had to cut them down before they could pass.

In short, the path was difficult to walk.

Look at Tang Guo’s side: her suitcase made the path smooth and easy to walk, making it completely unobstructed.

Liang Chao was initially stunned, then happily followed along.

As expected, Xiao Guo is a person full of hidden talents, he discovered that last time.

They all thought he hurried to follow Tang Guo to take care of her, but in fact, he believed Tang Guo was amazing.

He glanced at Su He in front of him, thinking this person must be blind.

He didn’t believe someone like Xiao Guo was as the rumors said, even if Su He thought so.

He felt there must be some reason behind it.

Those who were walking ahead, intending to look back and laugh at Tang Guo, were once again flustered by the scene they saw.

The live broadcast even gave a close-up of the suitcase, with viewers frantically commenting.

“Please share the link.”

“Please share the link!”

“I want a suitcase like that too.”

“My mom will never worry about me hiking again.”

“Tang Guo, goddess, if you give me the link, I promise I won’t criticize you anymore.”

“Goddess, from today on, I’m your die-hard fan, very loyal.”

Of course, there were also some black fans saying, “Heh, no big deal, just taking advantage of opportunities.”

“Exactly, how can she experience life in the forest like this?”

“This is wilderness survival, what’s the point if she does it this way?”

Then fans countered, “The director said at the beginning that they could bring whatever items they wanted. If you could bring a helicopter or a car, the director wouldn’t say anything either.”

Everyone silently looked at the dense forest and the very close tree canopies, thinking, a helicopter? A car? Are you looking to get killed?

Cui Ni stopped walking and tugged at Cui Yuanbin, “Brother, I want a suitcase like that.”

“Sister, I really want it too.” Cui Yuanbin carried a very heavy bag and had a largest-sized backpack on his back, wearing a distressed expression. “I really, really want it.”

The nimble miniature camera gave him a close-up, drawing the viewers’ attention.

“Hahaha, these siblings, I seem to understand their feelings.”

Seeing Cui Ni and her brother carrying heavy bags and then looking at Tang Guo walking easily in front with just a small backpack, and Liang Chao even tying a bag to the suitcase, it seemed like they were on a vacation, didn’t it?

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