Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 310

“Don’t forget the sunscreen.”

“And take this facial cleanser too.”

“And this knife, make sure to bring the knife.”

This time it’s a live broadcast all the way through. Even when sleeping, the camera will be facing the tent, so there’s absolutely no chance to replenish any supplies midway.

For a month, they would have to rely entirely on themselves to survive.

Tang Guo did not refuse and let Zhu Yi stuff things into her suitcase.

Yes, Tang Guo brought a suitcase. Zhu Yi initially suggested bringing a backpack, but when she saw Tang Guo’s suitcase, she couldn’t argue anymore.

Because it was a mechanical suitcase, it would follow Tang Guo around with remote control.

On flat ground, it would glide.

On uneven, sunken roads, it would extend legs and feet. The feet had claw-like parts that dug deeply into the ground, ensuring stable movement, and it could even climb mountains and trees.

Zhu Yi was very curious about where Tang Guo had gotten this high-tech gadget.

When Tang Guo came down with her large suitcase, a miniature camera came to her side.

The suitcase stood on the ground. Everyone else had brought a large backpack, and seeing Tang Guo with a suitcase, they were all bewildered.

The black fan group watching the live stream finally seized the opportunity to flood the screen with comments.

“Hahaha, does she think she’s going on a vacation?”

“Bringing such a big suitcase.”

“Is it filled with dresses or makeup?”

“Hahaha, this is the funniest joke of the year.”

“Can’t wait to see Movie Emperor Liang scold her.”

Then, Tang Guo walked towards Liang Chao, who was somewhat dumbfounded and thinking of ways to make her give up the suitcase.

Everyone was surprised to find that Tang Guo didn’t have a suitcase at all. It was actually following her automatically.

“Wait, does that suitcase move on its own?”

“Don’t be too shocked, there are indeed automatic suitcases now. But they’re heading into a forest, don’t you think bringing a suitcase to the forest is a joke?”

Liang Chao couldn’t help but ask, “Xiao Guo, are you sure you want to bring a suitcase?”

He even tried to lift it but couldn’t. His face turned as red as a pig’s liver; it was too heavy.

“Hahaha… Movie Emperor Liang is so cute, trying to help Tang Guo with her luggage.”

“Hahaha, he couldn’t even lift it.”

“Movie Emperor Liang must be feeling desperate, hahaha, but I still want to laugh.”

Su He, carrying a large backpack and another bag in his hand, silently watched Tang Guo with Bai Wenwen, who had a slightly smaller backpack.


Su He muttered, then took Bai Wenwen and walked ahead.

Everyone had a miniature camera, so the online stream showed multiple windows.

When several people were together, the screen would merge into one.

“Xiao Guo, this suitcase is a bit heavy. Do you want to lighten it?”

Liang Chao also thought that staying in the forest for a month would be torture for a girl. He understood why Tang Guo brought a large suitcase.

“No need, let’s go. It walks by itself, I don’t need to worry about it.”

Live broadcast viewers, “Bragging!!”

“Let’s see her cry later.”

“Waiting for the face slap.”

Chang Yuan was very pleased with Tang Guo bringing a large suitcase for the show, creating a topic of interest.

But he didn’t believe she could really bring such a big suitcase into the forest.

“Xiao Tang, are you really bringing such a big suitcase?”


Chang Yuan smiled, “Since you’re so determined, I won’t try to dissuade you.”

When she walked into the bushes later, she would understand.

Live broadcast viewers were also watching, waiting to see Tang Guo and Liang Chao head into the forest with the suitcase.

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