Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 309

When netizens heard that this time the reality show “Into the Forest with the Stars” would be broadcast live, everyone was thrilled.

Even those who were not interested in reality shows stayed in front of their computers waiting.

Especially Tang Guo’s black fan group. They grit their teeth, happily chasing after the daily updates of campus dramas. After finishing, they maintain a stiff smile, unable to help but curse, “MMP, that woman is poisonous.”

The director of the reality show is Chang Yuan, who only makes reality shows.

The famous reality shows in the country are basically made by him.

At this moment, Chang Yuan waved for the first-time participants of “Into the Forest with the Stars” to come over. There were eight members in total.

Su He, Liang Chao, Chu Nuo, Cui Yuanbin, Bai Wenwen, Tang Guo, Bai Ningxue, and Cui Ni.

Except for Bai Wenwen, the others, including Tang Guo, are big stars with tens of millions of fans. Among them, Su He and Liang Chao have both won Best Actor awards, Bai Ningxue has won Best Actress in TV, and Cui Ni has won Best Actress in Film. Chu Nuo and Cui Yuanbin are also very seasoned actors, known for their acting skills.

If Bai Wenwen is the newcomer, then Tang Guo is the typical traffic vase actress. Except for this campus drama, the roles she used to play all have one characteristic—’I am the most beautiful.

Bai Ningxue is Bai Wenwen’s cousin, but the two do not seem to get along.

When Bai Ningxue saw Bai Wenwen, she was obviously a bit surprised and somewhat disgusted.

“This is a very interesting experience,” Chang Yuan said with great interest. “I have been thinking about live broadcasting for a long time, and finally decided to present this show live.”

“In the past, we always recorded and then edited it, but this time I hope to make it real.”

Chang Yuan smiled happily, clearly very pleased, “One investor explicitly stated that if you all are willing to continue to the end, each team will get a bonus of one hundred million yuan, and the team that lives the most comfortably during this period can get two hundred million yuan.”

Seeing everyone’s surprise, Chang Yuan said, “I told you from the beginning, this is an interesting game.”

“That mysterious investor has hired the best rescue team to follow you throughout, so you don’t have to worry about safety.”

Hearing that their lives were guaranteed, several people were tempted. Who wouldn’t be moved by the prospect of one hundred million yuan just for lasting until the end?

Live broadcasting means gaining more fans.

As long as nothing unexpected happens, stabilizing one’s image after experiencing this live reality show will definitely be beneficial and harmless.

In the end, no one chose to quit, which did not surprise Chang Yuan at all.

“You will be divided into pairs, bringing the necessary items and tents yourselves. The outdoor survival time is one month. Except for the first day, you need to find your own food.”

“If you can’t persist, you can quit early, but then you won’t get the bonus.”

Chang Yuan did not specify how many days they had to endure, knowing very well that these public figures would not quit early during the live broadcast.

“I’ll pair with Tang Guo,” Liang Chao was the first to speak, “We’re familiar.”

“I’ll pair with Wenwen,” Su He glanced at Tang Guo, walked over to Bai Wenwen, and took her hand.

Cui Yuanbin chuckled, “Then I’m definitely in the same group as my sister. When siblings unite, their combined strength is unbreakable.”

The last pair naturally was Chu Nuo and Bai Ningxue, and neither had any objections.

“Actually, as soon as you got off the bus, the live broadcast started,” Chang Yuan said with a mischievous smile, looking like a prankster, “You can start planning what items to bring in.”

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