Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 308

“Hahaha… Lin Weiwei is so amazing, she totally humiliated that arrogant girl.”

“If a girl like that liked me, I wouldn’t be able to hold back. Qin Mo is impressive.”

“Qin Mo is as stable as Mount Tai.”

Bai Wenwen, who was sitting in front of her computer and watching the streaming comments, noticed that in nearly a week’s worth of playtime, her character’s spotlight had been completely stolen by Lin Weiwei.

Just by looking at the comments, it was clear that everyone was focused on Lin Weiwei.

Lin Zhizhi had a lot more screen time, but as the plot progressed, it seemed that Lin Zhizhi’s character was too bland and ordinary. Even though she used the acting card she exchanged from the system, she still couldn’t make the character stand out.

“Sister Pei, how did this happen?” Bai Wenwen said to her agent, Pei Yun. “It seems like the reaction to my character isn’t very good.”

Pei Yun frowned. She had high hopes for Bai Wenwen, who was a promising actress and Su He’s girlfriend. Their relationship was blessed by many, and both were under her management.

“I’ll get someone to hype up your topic.”

Soon, there were more discussions online about Bai Wenwen’s portrayal of Lin Zhizhi.

Bai Wenwen being Su He’s girlfriend drew a lot of attention once the topic was hyped up.

People were quite surprised, realizing that the lead actress of the drama was the girlfriend of the actor Su He.

This led to more online discussions.

“If you hadn’t mentioned it, I wouldn’t have noticed that the lead actress Lin Zhizhi was played by Bai Wenwen.”

“Yes, and she’s Su He’s girlfriend.”

“She looks very gentle and her acting is okay, but I still prefer Lin Weiwei.”

“Don’t forget about that hateful woman Tang Guo.”

“But I still prefer Lin Weiwei.”

Bai Wenwen saw it and almost fainted from anger.

“Didn’t you say the acting card was very useful? No one should be able to outshine me in acting.”

When acting alongside Tang Guo, she felt at ease and didn’t feel overshadowed at all.

[Host, this has nothing to do with acting. It’s about the character’s personality and charm.]

Bai Wenwen gritted her teeth, thinking that she shouldn’t have given up the role of the second female lead back then.

“Wenwen, there’s an invitation for a reality show. They called to ask if you’re interested in participating.” Pei Yun added, “Ah He will also participate, and so will Liang Chao and Tang Guo.”

“I’ll go.”

It didn’t matter what kind of reality show it was, with two targets to capture, she had to go.

Maybe this time would be an opportunity. Thinking about Liang Chao’s -90 favorability, she felt panicked.

“A live broadcast?”

Tang Guo was a bit surprised. “You mean this reality show will be broadcast live the entire time?”

“Yes.” Zhu Yi looked a bit upset. “They never mentioned it would be live. This is really disrespectful.”

“They probably knew that if it was entirely live, none of the invitees would agree to come.”

Now that the contracts were signed, it was too late to back out. If they did, they would have to pay a large amount in liquidated damages. Since there had never been an all-live reality show before, no one paid attention to this detail.

Tang Guo looked at the forest in the distance and said, “It’s a pretty nice place with beautiful mountains and clear waters.”

Zhu Yi understood what she meant. “Guo Guo, are you sure about the live broadcast?”


Remembering Tang Guo’s situation, Zhu Yi’s eyes suddenly brightened. “Actually, I think a live broadcast could be good.”

She believed that after watching the live broadcast, viewers would definitely change their opinion of Tang Guo.

“A live broadcast?” Bai Wenwen smiled, finding it quite interesting. She never expected it to be a wilderness survival reality show.

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