Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 307

Zhu Yi saw Tang Guo calmly watching the floating barrage of “Tang Guo get out of the entertainment industry” while eating potato chips.

She almost admired her enough to kneel.

Just as the opening credits were about to end, Tang Guo captured a barrage message saying “Tang Guo get out of the entertainment industry” and posted a tweet.

“It has started, feeling happy.”

Little fan: The goddess has such a good attitude.

Black fan group: This woman is toxic. They’ve been scolding her so hard, why doesn’t she care at all?

At this moment, in a certain black fan group chat, the leader @’ed everyone, “Brothers and sisters, that school drama is starting. Stay sharp. This time, we must scold that woman out of the entertainment industry.”

“Start picking on everything from the beginning. Like her hairstyle is ugly, her collar is crooked, her makeup is too thick, her skin is rough, her chest is too small, her neck is thick, her legs are thick, her waist is thick, she looks like a barrel. I’m sure you all can handle this, right?”

“Also, the voice is unpleasant, the acting is terrible, making it hard to watch, and the character being portrayed is disgusting. I’ve heard that the second female lead is considered a villain. When the time comes, we’ll criticize her harshly. Understand?”

The group members responded one after another, saying they understood.

Then the barrage went quiet for a while. When Tang Guo appeared on screen, she and Bai Wenwen got a close-up shot.

Those who were ready to scold her suddenly noticed.

Her hairstyle looks very youthful, her makeup is just right, the camera is so close you can see her makeup is very light, wow, her skin looks great, almost no pores.

Ah, the face fans really want to lick the screen.

No need to fuss about the collar, it looks very casual being crooked. Her neck is fair and slender, her chest is just right, not too big or small, her waist isn’t thick, and her legs aren’t thick either. She’s practically like a comic character, wow, so envious.

Black fan group: Where should we criticize? For some reason, we feel like crying.

Leader: There’s still her voice and acting.

Black fan group: Got it, we’ll wait.

When Lin Weiwei saw glue spilled on her seat, she smiled, pulled out a tissue, wiped the glue, and then took her deskmate’s book to use as a pad. At that moment, the black fans seemed to forget they were supposed to criticize Tang Guo.

“Wow, this is exactly my type. Lin Weiwei is so dominant. I love her entrance.”

“Did you see that? The classmate next to her blushed, obviously the one who spilled the glue.”

“Wow, Lin Weiwei is so smart, catching who spilled the glue and using their book as a pad. That’s a real slap in the face, so satisfying.”

“So cool. Just like the introduction said, Lin Weiwei is a proud and clever girl.”

Leader: Wait, you’re here to criticize Tang Guo, not to praise her.

Black fan group: Oh, right, we forgot. Let’s criticize.

“So arrogant.”

“Exactly, it’s just being a bit prettier and smarter, isn’t it?”

“Look at her bullying her classmate to the point of almost crying.”

“And using her classmate’s book as a pad.”

“This Lin Weiwei is as annoying as Tang Guo.”

Leader: Something feels off.

Zhu Yi widened his eyes, covering his mouth in disbelief.

Not a single person criticized Tang Guo’s acting. They seemed to forget and went straight to criticizing the character.

In the following days, the black fan group seemed to forget about criticizing Tang Guo.

“Damn! I wish I were Lin Weiwei.”

“Wow, goddess Lin Weiwei can also play basketball. Did you notice? She’s amazing at it, especially the part where she plays with Qin Mo. It’s so exciting.”

“Isn’t it a stunt double?”

“Idiot, look closely. The shots are so continuous and close-up, I can guarantee every frame is her.”

“Wait, we were supposed to criticize her…”

Qiao Nie: I think there’s still hope for me.

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