Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 306

Tang Guo smiled and said, “Because the second female lead has a loyal follower who loved her deeply until the end, even following her to the afterlife.”

“This person never betrayed her and always stood by her side. Although it seemed like she couldn’t get the love of the main male lead, in reality, she already had a much more beautiful love.”

Qiao Nie stared at the smiling woman, becoming entranced without realizing it.

When she talked about the loyal follower of the second female lead, the warmth in her eyes touched his heart, as if… there really was such a person.

Who was she thinking about?

Who was this person?

Qiao Nie took back the script and carefully examined the character of the second male lead. He hadn’t paid attention before, but after Tang Guo’s words, he realized he had overlooked it.

Perhaps, he should add something to it.

For instance, the second female lead actually liked the second male lead later on, but she didn’t admit it.

When she was dying, she asked the second male lead to live well, not expressing her feelings directly but hoping he would live well. This was the greatest love for a person.

Qiao Nie’s eyes lit up. Shaped this way, the second female lead’s character would be even more perfect.

And this second male lead… he thought for a while, realizing this character’s personality was very much like Liang Chao’s. He squeezed the script and turned back to the study, thinking that the second male lead resembling Liang Chao’s personality was not stable at all.

No one could be like Liang Chao; Liang Chao was too unpredictable.

“Ah Nie.”

“I want the second female lead, will you give it to me?”


Qiao Nie answered without thinking, then slammed the door shut. He wanted to create a perfect second male lead, someone who lived only for the second female lead.

Zhu Yi cautiously asked, “Guo Guo, are you alright?” The famous director’s moods were unpredictable, and besides Tang Guo, no one dared to provoke him.

“What could be wrong?”

Tang Guo looked at Weibo and laughed, “Now Qiao Nie gets more hate than I do, and his reputation is terrible. It makes me happy.”

Zhu Yi: “…” Really? Goddess, is this really okay?

In a few days, the campus drama “High School Romance” premiered.

Before the premiere, millions of netizens waited in front of their TVs and computers, ready to scold Tang Guo.

In contrast, almost no one paid attention to Bai Wenwen, who played Lin Zhizhi.

Everyone now wanted to pick on Tang Guo’s faults in the show. Under this strange trend, Tang Guo trended daily and was a frequent headline.

The company even arranged two assistants for Tang Guo.

Originally, there were various endorsements and advertisements, but Tang Guo rejected them all.

Did it matter if her image was bad? As long as there was attention, it was fine. Since she didn’t do anything outrageous, in this industry, as long as you don’t break the law, attention is most important.

Tang Guo was also sitting in front of the computer. As soon as the opening theme appeared, the screen was flooded with comments.

The entire screen was filled with “Tang Guo, get out of the entertainment industry.” Netizens were unusually united in their thoughts.

They all know that no matter what they say, that woman will definitely ignore it. So, it was better to all shout “Tang Guo, get out of the entertainment industry” to make it more noticeable.

At least let that woman understand that they will not support her.

Because of Tang Guo, the haters even spontaneously organized a grassroots group called the Tang Guo Black Fan Club.

This group consisted of Tang Guo’s haters, and their way of signing in was by saying “Everyone, scold Tang Guo once a day.” Their greeting was “Have you scolded Tang Guo today?” and “Did Tang Guo like your post?”

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