Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 305

“There’s news already on the reality show,” Zhu Yi glanced at the woman eating chips on the curled-up sofa and then at Qiao Nie sitting on the other side, her heart fluttering with nervousness, “The production team has confirmed the schedule. We set off next Monday.”

After Zhu Yi finished speaking, she saw Tang Guo. As if Tang Guo had just noticed her, she asked, “Xiao Yi, is there anything else?”

“Guo Guo, here’s a wilderness survival manual, take a look when you have time. I will prepare the items needed for the wilderness for you.”

“I heard that the location this time is close to the primitive forest. The production team said they’re going to make it a bigger event this time. But beware, there will be snakes, spiders, scorpions, and wild beasts appearing like crazy.”

Zhu Yi swallowed nervously and stealthily glanced at Qiao Nie, continuing, “It’s really very dangerous, and there’s still time to back out if you change your mind.”

Qiao Nie looked up and asked, “What reality show?”

Zhu Yi breathed a sigh of relief. Good question, glad she had spent so much time talking.

“‘Into the Forest with the Stars,’ a wilderness survival reality show. The location is particularly dangerous,” Zhu Yi said quickly, eyes wide with concern, “I’m a bit worried; Guo Guo insists on going.”

Qiao Nie looked at Tang Guo, who was crunching on chips and simply said, “Don’t try to persuade me.”

“I’m not trying to persuade you; if you want to go, then go.” Qiao Nie went back to reading his script, his expression serious, which caught Tang Guo’s attention.

Tang Guo moved next to Qiao Nie on the sofa and glanced at the script, “A new script?”


“I want to act.”

“Really?” Qiao Nie looked up, “Are you sure?”


To Zhu Yi’s incredulity, Qiao Nie handed the script to Tang Guo, “See which part you like.”

Zhu Yi was surprised. Wasn’t Qiao Nie known for being very strict about choosing actors?

From casting to the start of filming, and even during filming, actors could be replaced at any time.

He would rather redo the entire production at his own cost than let an actor ruin his work.

He is a very principled man!

But this casual way of letting her pick a role from the script, wasn’t it out of character?

Zhu Yi felt that Qiao Nie’s lifelong reputation was ruined, all because of a woman named Tang Guo.

Since this woman appeared publicly with him, every time Tang Guo was criticized online, Qiao Nie was also dragged into it.

Zhu Yi wiped her cold sweat and found that her idol seriously reading the script.

“I want the second female lead.”

Both Zhu Yi and Qiao Nie were surprised. Every actor wanted the leading role.

Qiao Nie unusually asked, “Why?”

The role of the second female lead was indeed excellent, but still not as brilliant as the lead, and also had some very obvious character flaws. In short, it was not a very likable character.

Zhu Yi also looked puzzled, wondering why she would choose the second female lead.

Tang Guo replied, “The lead female spends half her life giving, sacrificing for the male lead, overcoming countless setbacks and misunderstandings to finally get together with him. It seems like a happy ending, but internally, she is already deeply scarred.”

Qiao Nie paused, realizing the truth in her words.

The ending of a TV series may be perfectly happy, but people often don’t pay attention to what happens after the ending. In fact, the story that continues after the ending may not necessarily be a happy one.

“Why did you only focus on the second female lead? The third female lead is also a standout character, isn’t she?” Zhu Yi couldn’t help but ask.

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