Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 304

Qiao Nie snatched Tang Guo’s phone, flipped through it, and didn’t care about the insults on it at all. “Is this what you hoped for?”

“Are you minding my business?”

“You hate me, but there’s no need to drag yourself down too.” Qiao Nie placed his hands on Tang Guo’s shoulders. “By giving up on yourself like this, Su He will only be happier. He doesn’t know the truth.”

“Who said I gave up on myself?”

Tang Guo pushed Qiao Nie away and sneered, “I just wanted you to experience being scolded at. As for me, I’m used to it; one more or one less person scolding me doesn’t make a difference.”

Qiao Nie looked at her smiling face and felt uncomfortable inside.

“High School Romance,” because of Tang Guo and Qiao Nie, was constantly trending.

The audience was very curious about this TV drama now. Indeed, they found that no matter how much they scolded Tang Guo, she still happily liked the posts scolding the great director Qiao Nie.

This made them feel like they were punching cotton, extremely unsatisfying.

They even dug up the TV dramas and movies Tang Guo had acted in before to scold, but she was still happily liking posts.

This was somewhat infuriating.

Now that they knew Tang Guo was the second female lead in this drama, the haters laughed happily every day, eagerly waiting for the premiere day to verbally slaughter her, ensuring she could never lift her head in the entertainment industry again.

Bai Wenwen said, “This woman is crazy, she has no intention of dealing with the opposition.”

Her strategy was also problematic; the highest favorability was with Wei Chuan, at 90, almost reaching 100, which made her happy. Another was Su He, with a favorability of 80.

Since they announced their relationship, Su He’s favorability hadn’t increased.

And the other two negative numbers, Bai Wenwen found very troubling.

She had tried to encounter Liang Chao by chance, but unfortunately, he completely ignored her, and the favorability even dropped by 10, becoming the same as Qiao Nie’s, at -90.

She dared not easily contact these two people; once the favorability reached -100, it would be a failed strategy, resulting in a loss of a lot of experience and punishment.

Meanwhile, Tang Guo was dragging Qiao Nie to go shopping at the mall.

Qiao Nie disagreed; going out now would definitely lead to paparazzi chasing them.

“Are you going or not?”


“Fine,” Tang Guo took out her phone and called Liang Chao, “Come out to the mall…” Before she could finish, Qiao Nie snatched the phone and hung up.

“Let’s go.”

Tang Guo had already gone completely dark, and now appeared together with Liang Chao. Qiao Nie rubbed his temples with a bit of a headache, considering it a favor to a friend.

On the other end, Liang Chao, who was about to agree, was left puzzled: “?”

“Don’t mess with Liang Chao; he hasn’t wronged you,” Qiao Nie said sternly, and turned off Tang Guo’s phone.

Tang Guo paused, her smile receding, “Then let’s not go.” After speaking, she turned and went back to her room.

Qiao Nie looked at the empty living room and frowned.

[Host, what do you mean by this?]

Tang Guo couldn’t help but laugh, “Tong Zi, you’ve been reading too much classical Chinese lately, haven’t you?”

“If you’re unhappy, just act on it.”

System: ? Act on it

“How is Bai Wenwen doing?”

[Thanks to the host, out of four strategy targets, not one was successful.]

“What happens if her strategy fails?”

[I’ve looked into it, great host. That system has a punishment system; if the tasks taken fail, you get struck by lightning and roasted by fire. It’s not visible on the outside, but the soul gets hurt.]

[That system isn’t anything good. Once someone is successfully strategized by her, a major part of their luck is sucked away. As long as Bai Wenwen doesn’t stay with them long-term, their lives will get increasingly worse.]

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