Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 296

Liang Chao heard the noises outside and glanced at Tang Guo’s expression, hmm? Expressionless, as if she didn’t care.

“Should we go out and see?”

He didn’t have a good impression of Bai Wenwen. With her look, she was totally unsuitable for the role of the second female lead.

Tang Guo had the same idea.

Both of them went out and met the eyes of Su He and Bai Wenwen.

Su He’s expression turned slightly cold. Bai Wenwen pulled him aside and maintained a light smile on her face.

Tang Guo stared at Bai Wenwen, furrowing her brows slightly, “Tong, scan.”

[Alright, host… scanning complete, she is a normal person.]

At that moment, a voice appeared.

[Potential conquest target detected, Liang Chao, do you wish to pursue?]

“Yes.” Bai Wenwen silently muttered in her heart, her gaze softening towards Liang Chao, “There are so many excellent men in this world, each one is not bad, but what a pity, I can only be with Su He.”

“875, what is Liang Chao’s favorability rating?”

[Liang Chao’s current favorability is -50. Please continue to strive, host, and complete the attack mission to receive the big gift package reward.]

Bai Wenwen’s expression was peculiar. “Did you say it wrong? How could it be a negative number? I didn’t know Liang Chao before, and I didn’t have any grudges against him either. Is there some plot that I’m unaware of? Is there any connection between Liang Chao and the original owner?”

[Host, please continue to work hard on the attack mission.]

Bai Wenwen felt somewhat annoyed; a negative rating, the lowest favorability she had ever had in her many conquests.

“I didn’t expect Emperor Liang to take on such a role.” Bai Wenwen showed a shallow smile towards Liang Chao, “I hope to receive more care from Emperor Liang in the future.”

Bai Wenwen bowed slightly, her demeanor extremely humble, and she extended a friendly hand to Liang Chao.

Liang Chao glanced at her, noticed that others were watching too, and politely shook her hand, but said indifferently, “Not as good as Miss Bai.”

[Ding! Liang Chao’s favorability -30, current favorability -80.]

Bai Wenwen’s face turned dark immediately. Just for shaking hands, she lost 30 favorability points? Was Liang Chao crazy?

The people around also took some delight in Bai Wenwen’s misfortune. The fact that the leading role was intercepted by Bai Wenwen was something they hadn’t expected at all. Compared to Tang Guo, they found Bai Wenwen more annoying.

A minor star, claiming the role of the female lead right off the bat. Although the drama had a small budget, Director Shi Cong had a good reputation. He always focused on the play, not the person, and generally, everyone had a chance with him.

Previously, when Bai Wenwen wanted to snatch the role of the second female lead, Shi Cong didn’t agree right away but said he would consider it. What he really considered was how to keep Tang Guo in the role of the second female lead.

Then Liang Chao came along, saying if Tang Guo wouldn’t act, he wouldn’t either. He even mentioned that if money was really an issue, he could consider getting his family to invest some.

Shi Cong immediately agreed, but Wei Chuan was not easy to deal with. He even commented that the role of the second female lead didn’t suit someone as gentle and ethereal as Bai Wenwen.

The second female lead was a domineering type, which didn’t fit her character.

Wei Chuan asked for information about other roles, and in the end, found that the main female lead, kind and gentle, was just like Bai Wenwen in his eyes.

This time, Shi Cong didn’t consider too much. The main focus of the drama was the second female lead, so he agreed.

As for the main female lead, he wasn’t very satisfied with it initially, but it was pushed by another investor. Let Wei Chuan handle it himself.

Shi Cong secretly smirked, as long as the second female lead and Liang Chao didn’t change roles.

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