Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 295

The filming location is at a prestigious high school in this city, and the background of the script is also about a group of wealthy second-generation individuals. Yes, it’s not about the prince and Cinderella. We don’t fancy the prince and Cinderella stories here anymore. It’s more about princess and prince stories. In this world, it’s popular to marry someone of equal social standing.

Shi Cong did not publicly announce the names of the lead and supporting actors, so no one outside knew that Tang Guo was playing the second female lead in the campus drama “High School Romance.”

Thinking of Tang Guo’s current situation, Shi Cong decided to announce her involvement only after the filming was completed and the show was ready to air. By then, many would be curious, even those who didn’t like Tang Guo would be tempted to watch.

He trusted his judgment. As long as Tang Guo maintained her audition performance, she would surely be a hit.

Liang Chao had been waiting for Tang Guo since early morning. Seeing her arrive, he immediately stood up and beckoned, “Xiao Guo, come here.”

Shi Cong: “…When did they become so familiar?”

“You can use my makeup room. I’ve had it divided with a curtain, you’ll be inside and I’ll be outside,” Liang Chao offered warmly, noting that Tang Guo had only brought Zhu Yi with her, indicating her company was no longer involved with her affairs.

A month ago, due to a scandal that was not timely refuted, her company had almost given up on her, naturally not offering help.

Numerous film and advertisement contracts were canceled, and some companies she had endorsed even demanded compensation for damage to their image. In this industry, because her reputation was damaged, many advertisements, TV dramas, and even movies she was involved in had replaced her.

The original protagonist, having given up on herself, didn’t defend her honor and ended up losing much of her net worth.

Now, when the crew sees Tang Guo appearing, even though Shi Cong had greeted her earlier, no one is willing to get involved with her.

Being involved with a notorious actress brought nothing good, and since she was considered immoral, they were even more reluctant to interact with her.

Seeing how warmly Liang Chao treated Tang Guo, their glances became ambiguous. They murmured that Tang Guo was just a pretty face; could it be that she had charmed him too?

Thinking this, they deemed it very likely.

Tang Guo, noticing their subtle glances, smiled slightly and only spoke when she entered the makeup room, “Being associated with me is not to your benefit.”

“What are you talking about? You’re my life-saving benefactor. Reputation? In this circle, what’s real and what’s fake? Those people outside think they are clean?” Liang Chao scoffed coldly. “I, Liang Chao, have always been known for my acting skills.”

“If I can’t act, then it’s no big deal. I can always go back and take over my family’s business.”

Although he was acting in a campus drama this time, it was his little uncle who invited him, and he was somewhat interested in the story. He always does whatever roles he wants to play, and nobody can control him. His image is also particularly casual.

He was still somewhat excited to try out an idol drama.

Unlike previous scripts, the most outstanding role in this screenplay was actually the second female lead. The auditioning actors only got a few scenes and didn’t grasp the importance of the second female lead.

Only if the audition was successful could one get a summary of the entire plot and realize the significance of the second female lead.

That’s why Liang Chao valued the role of the second female lead so highly; if she failed, the whole show would likely flop. Even though he was willing to play any role, he did not want to be associated with a TV show that failed critically.

“Wow, Emperor Su is here.”

“Bai Wenwen is really lucky, Emperor Su personally brought her over.”

“That person is still inside,” someone whispered, “There’s going to be a show to watch.”

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