Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 294

She was a newly born ghost with no abilities whatsoever, while Liang Chao was a man in the prime of his youth, brimming with vigor. She couldn’t even get close to him.

But… when Liang Chao received a phone call that left him emotionally unstable, she knew her opportunity had arrived. She pounced on him, confusing him and coaxing him to go outside.

She had been killed in a traffic accident, and she wanted her enemy to die the same way.

However, she didn’t succeed, and oddly, she was relieved that she hadn’t.

When Liang Chao heard the female ghost apologizing to him, his feelings were complex; he had nearly died.

If it weren’t for Tang Guo arriving just in time—yes, Tang Guo—he looked at her intensely, “Are you a descendant of the Maoshan Sect?”

Tang Guo: “?”


Just then, Tang Guo’s phone rang; it was Qiao Nie asking, “When are you moving in?”

“Eh? Are you coming to pick me up?”

After a pause, the other side said, “No.”

Tang Guo let out a cold laugh and hung up the phone.

Qiao Nie, listening to the busy tone, his brooding eyes gaining a bit more luster. This woman has changed. Whether she changes or not, as long as she holds on to that stubbornness, he will protect her.

“The truth is out, it’s time for me to go.”

“That, thank you, Tang Guo,” Liang Chao said earnestly, “If it weren’t for you today, I might really have died.”

“I’ll talk to my uncle about this, or at the worst, I’ll ask my dad to invest in this TV series, since there’s no way I can work with Bai Wenwen.”

He was very satisfied with Tang Guo as the second female lead, now she had also become his life-saving benefactor. He was determined to secure her role during such a difficult time.

Tang Guo noticed Liang Chao looking at her with immense admiration, as if he was looking at a master.

She opened the door, ready to leave, when suddenly she felt the female ghost float in front of her, timidly asking, “Can… can I follow you?”

Liang Chao breathed a sigh of relief; good, the ghost didn’t want to follow him.

“You are so powerful, surely you can help me find the murderer, right?”

Tang Guo chuckled, “Why should I help you?”

The ghost was momentarily lost, “Then why help him, aren’t you kind-hearted?”

“He and I are in the same drama crew, playing the male lead. I at least know him.”

The ghost felt a bit sad, “Then, can I follow you? You don’t have to help me, can I?”

Just as Tang Guo was about to refuse, something came to mind, and the corners of her mouth twitched, “Okay, you can follow me. If there’s a chance, I might also help you find the murderer, but…” she narrowed her eyes, “you have to listen to me.”

The ghost shivered slightly, feeling that the woman in front of her was quite terrifying, but… apart from following this formidable woman, she didn’t know what else to do, so she agreed.

Tang Guo found a jade pendant in the system space and allowed the ghost to enter it. Once inside, the ghost thought she indeed hadn’t chosen the wrong person; this powerful woman was much more formidable than the weaker-willed man behind her.

A few days later, Liang Chao called Tang Guo to say that her role had not been replaced by Bai Wenwen. After hesitating, he continued, “Bai Wenwen has become the female lead.”

Tang Guo was surprised; this Bai Wenwen was indeed impressive. Unable to secure the role of the second female lead, she directly ousted the lead actress, truly worthy of being the protagonist.

She didn’t immediately move back to Qiao Nie’s place; instead, she went directly to the drama set on the day of the shoot.

That Bai Wenwen, who couldn’t even be killed by a car, she had always been curious about her.

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