Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 288

“So it turns out… you like her.” She didn’t go crazy, nor did she curse loudly, just quietly asked, “What about her attracts you?” She looked truly helpless and pitiful.

Shi Cong, holding back his racing heart, said, “This is the third clip.”

“Crying, who are you crying for?” Tang Guo frowned, snorted arrogantly, “I really don’t understand why Qin Mo would like someone troublesome like you.”

“Shut up… Even if it hurts, you have to endure it. What are you howling for? If you keep howling, you’ll attract wild beasts, and then we’ll all die. I don’t want to die.”

Shi Cong stood up excitedly and looked at Tang Guo. This was a scene from the script about a school class’s outdoor activity. Due to the female lead’s carelessness, an accident occurred, leading the two to get lost in the deep woods and chased by a tiger. In the end, the second female lead, with her astonishing intelligence and skills, dodged the tiger’s attack, and both ended up climbing a tree.

The female lead fell and couldn’t help crying, remembering her situation, which led to a scolding from the second female.

Tang Guo’s impatient expression faded, and she greeted Shi Cong with a smile, “Director Shi.”

“Are you Tang Guo?” Liang Chao, who was watching, was somewhat incredulous. Liang Chao was the male lead of this campus drama, “You’re actually Tang Guo?”

If he hadn’t seen this clip first and known it was Tang Guo, he definitely wouldn’t have continued watching.

But having seen the clip first, then realizing it was Tang Guo, made the situation different.

Shi Cong made up his mind, “This role is yours.”

“Okay.” Tang Guo nodded with a smile, “Thank you, Director Shi, for the opportunity.”

Before these incidents, Tang Guo had a very good reputation. Director Shi never really believed those rumors, and seeing Tang Guo now, he believed them even less.

Such an actress with solid acting skills indeed had great capability.

What he couldn’t understand was why she would not showcase her acting skills and choose to be a “vase” actress, taking roles that only emphasized how beautiful she was, claiming to be the most beautiful, the number one beauty in the world.

“Miss Tang, my name is Liang Chao, nice to meet you.” Liang Chao approached, his handsome face filled with curiosity, “Miss Tang is nothing like the rumors.”

Shi Cong almost wanted to throw Liang Chao out, fearing he might scare away his second female lead.

Tang Guo smiled sweetly, “Hello, Mr. Liang, soon you will find out that I am the same every day, without any change.”

Liang Chao chuckled awkwardly, “Miss Tang is really humorous and very interesting. I believe, working with Miss Tang will be a joyous matter.” Her acting skills were so good, it made him eager to act alongside her.

“Eh, Miss Tang, is that a math olympiad book in your hand?”

“Yeah, just picked it up casually.”

Liang Chao was itching to borrow it to look at, but Shi Cong quickly stopped him and informed Tang Guo that he would notify her when filming started. Tang Guo then left.

“I don’t have to worry about who the second female lead is anymore,” Liang Chao said contentedly. “Uncle, I guarantee, your drama is going to be a hit.”

“Get lost, hasn’t every drama I made been a hit?”

“Guo Guo, in a few months there is a wilderness survival reality show.” Zhu Yi glanced at Tang Guo. “I looked at your schedule, and it’s right after your campus drama, which will take about two months to shoot.”

To this moment, Zhu Yi was still dreaming; Tang Guo had actually secured the role of the second female lead.

“Help me take on what comes next.”

“Really, are you sure?”

“Very sure.”

Zhu Yi sighed, knowing she couldn’t change anything.

Just then, her phone rang, and her expression changed after she answered, “That’s too much.”

“What happened?”

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