Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 287

“Guo Guo, are you confident?”

Zhu Yi was very nervous. Today was the day of the audition. She looked at Tang Guo, dressed in a student uniform, with disbelief in her eyes.

Just changing into a set of clothes, she transformed from a disastrous beauty into a beautiful top student.

Looking again, Tang Guo was holding a book. Zhu Yi thought it was a prop at first, but it turned out to be a book on Olympiad math.

Tang Guo’s explanation was, “As a top student, how can I not do Olympiad math?”

Well, she had no rebuttal.

But… it’s fine to pretend, but why do Olympiad math problems here??

Right, they were among the middle few. There were over twenty people auditioning. Tang Guo thought it was still early. The Olympiad math book was newly bought, and she planned to solve problems to pass the time.

Zhu Yi: “…”

Goddess, Olympiad math isn’t that easy.

Luckily, Tang Guo’s current image was very different from the one she usually presented to the public, so many people did not recognize her. The woman currently drawing and writing was indeed the controversial actress, Tang Guo.

“Too dull. I need a genius high school girl for the female lead, not a nerdy girl with unfashionable black-rimmed glasses,” Shi Cong rubbed his forehead. “The campus drama I want to shoot spans from senior year of high school to college. How would a nerdy, bookish character clash with the female lead?”

The actress’s eyes reddened, she apologized, bowed deeply, and ran out.

“If you keep this up, you’ll become the next Qiao Nie.”

Shi Cong was speechless, “I don’t want this either. It’s so hard to find an actress who fits the image in my mind. None of the first nine actresses grasped it. They were too disappointing.”

“Alright, let’s see the next one. There are over twenty auditioning for the female lead today. Maybe the later ones will be good,” Liang Chao said.


“Next, Tang Guo.”

Tang Guo stood up, carrying her Olympiad math practice problems with her. Zhu Yi made a praying gesture behind her, a plea for Buddha’s blessing.

Shi Cong didn’t care much initially and even took a sip of water, but then the door was pushed open.

“So you’re here.” The girl’s clear, pleasant voice made Shi Cong pause and look up in surprise.

Just one look at her and Shi Cong was captivated. She was confident, proud, and although she was dressed in an ordinary school uniform, she wore it as if it were high couture. Her background was that of a wealthy heiress, so her demeanor fit perfectly.

“I heard you’re also going to participate in the Olympiad competition,” the girl continued forward, opening her book of math problems as if the place was a classroom, choosing to sit on a chair, spreading her work as if there were a desk, and giving a clean, bright smile, “I plan to go too.”

“Why can’t I participate?”

“Qin Mo, do you look down on me so much?”

Clearly, no one was dialoguing with her, but she managed it so well that it didn’t seem like she was talking to herself. To the onlookers, it truly felt as if someone was there talking with her, only they couldn’t hear it.

Strange, it was really strange.

“Yes, I do like you. Why can’t I like you?”

Shi Cong took a deep breath, “This is another scene.” He clearly saw the change in Tang Guo’s expression, the bitterness under that smile shook him, and at the same time, his heart was incredibly stirred. This was exactly what he wanted.

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