Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 286

“Guo Guo, do you need to rest for a while?”

Zhu Yi was still a bit worried without having met with Tang Guo.

Up to now, she had been taking over Tang Guo’s schedule for a week, accompanying her in various training sessions, especially in fitness, where Tang Guo’s intensity was almost infuriating.

Morning fitness, afternoon acting classes, evening script reading, watching classic TV shows and movies.

Only six hours of sleep each day, and in the morning she also practiced English with her.

Tang Guo’s fluency and pronunciation in English astonished her. Was this what one would expect from a mere vase actress? More like a seasoned old monster, right?

She had spent several years abroad, but her spoken English and pronunciation couldn’t match Tang Guo’s standard at all.

Zhu Yi’s heart thumped wildly; having such an amazing goddess as an idol was a lot of pressure.

Yes, she was a secret admirer of Tang Guo, the covert kind.

Just then, Tang Guo’s phone rang. She glanced at the caller ID “Qiao Villain” and shivered slightly. What did this label mean?

“Guo Guo, there’s a call.”

“Answer it.”

Zhu Yi stuck out her tongue and answered the phone. A somewhat deep voice came through, “All good?”

“Mr. Qiao, is it? Guo Guo is busy right now; I’m her new agent. May I know why you’re looking for her?”

“Oh… If she needs help, tell her to come to me.” The man’s voice was still incredibly deep.

Zhu Yi stammered slightly, could this be Tang Guo’s significant other?

Tang Guo walked over, took the phone, and looked at the caller ID with a smirk, “What made you think of me?”

“How have you been lately?”

“Pretty good, I’m eyeing a new role, will audition in a few days, and I’m also planning to join a reality show,” Tang Guo said with a slight smile, “Since my reputation took a hit, I’m thinking of focusing on my acting skills..”

The man heard her cheerful and pleasant voice, evidently in a good mood. He remembered the numerous posts online full of slander and insults, yet she seemed unfazed?

“I can help you clear things up.”

Tang Guo sneered, “You… want to clear things up for me? For what purpose? The guilt from using me?”


“No need.” Tang Guo laughed freely, “Qiao Nie, rest assured, you’re on my list for revenge. Just you wait and see.”

Qiao Nie’s originally gloomy mood lightened somewhat at her words. She spoke of revenge against him? Right, he was the one who pushed her to the abyss, having snatched her from the side of the person she loved most.

He had never been soft on enemies, but unexpectedly, he had gone soft on her once, unwilling to continue his revenge.

Watching her stubborn, unyielding demeanor reminded him of his mother, a vibrant, beautiful woman, confident and proud, who never cared for the affections she was supposed to receive, also very stubborn.

The day after she gave birth to him, she left without looking back, leading to her weakened health and early death.

Perhaps it was Tang Guo’s stubbornness at times that reminded him of his mother and softened his heart.

After Tang Guo hung up the phone, Zhu Yi cautiously asked, “Who is this Qiao Villain?”

“Qiao Nie.”

“Qiao Nie, who is he?” Zhu Yi suddenly widened her eyes, “Wait, you mean Qiao Nie? The temperamental, always cursing, picky, genius director who could drive ten actors away from a movie set?”

Tang Guo nonchalantly nodded, “That’s him.”

Zhu Yi: “…” Damn, my goddess is actually involved with Qiao Nie and is so nonchalant about it.

System: [This male lead’s will to survive is lacking.]

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