Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 285

Tang Guo opened the door and was surprised to find that her new agent was just a twenty-year-old girl, two years younger than herself. The young girl had a round face with a pair of very beautiful eyes.

“Guo Guo, you look in good shape.”

Zhu Yi was also surprised. She had expected to see a very decadent woman, but the bare-faced woman in front of her was unexpectedly beautiful.

My goodness, especially that almost poreless, fine, white skin, it’s simply envy-inducing.

Tang Guo invited her in, and Zhu Yi introduced herself before apologizing slightly, “About the company…”

“I know,” Tang Guo interrupted her, “Just arrange it. I need to act. I won’t take any commercials, but reality shows would be best.”

“Ordinary scripted reality shows are fine, but I prefer something more challenging, such as wilderness survival, outdoor survival, dancing with wild animals, experiencing rural life…,” Tang Guo calmly expressed his thoughts, “I believe they would be very willing to invite someone like me.”

For ratings, even controversial figures are often welcomed by many shows.

Zhu Yi was clearly stunned for a moment, “You… you want to participate in a reality show?” She was holding a few scripts, “Actually, I have prepared some scripts for you. Do you want to take a look first?”

“That’s fine. Acting and participating in reality shows don’t conflict, as long as the schedule is managed.”

Zhu Yi stuttered a bit, “But… isn’t it too hasty? Don’t you want to rest a bit more?”

She looked at the spirited woman in front of her, her heart pounding. She hadn’t expected Guo Guo to be so assertive, it was quite charming.

From the first glance, she could tell that those online words were definitely not true. How could someone as spirited as Guoguo possibly do such a thing?

“Let me see the scripts.”

Zhu Yi, looking at the smiling woman, quickly handed over the scripts. There were three in total, none of which were big productions, but carefully selected by her.

None were the lead role, but rather secondary or tertiary female roles. However, these small productions had good reputations, and they valued acting skills over appearance.

She also knew that Tang Guo’s acting wasn’t very strong, but it was still early, she could improve before auditioning.

The first was a Republican-era drama, with Zhu Yi choosing the role of the third female lead, a patriotic woman born in troubled times who wanders her entire life and ultimately sacrifices herself to save a valuable person, dying with the enemy. The role wasn’t large, but well-acted, it could leave a deep impression.

The second was an ancient palace drama, still the third female lead. The character was a femme fatale, which suited Tang Guo’s appearance. Zhu Yi thought this role was quite good and Tang Guo could handle it well.

The third was a school drama, which she liked least. It featured a secondary female character, a sister to the lead female.

“The third one.”

Tang Guo browsed through them very quickly. The first was too ordinary, the second lacked challenge, the third… she smiled slightly, she really liked it, it reminded her of many wonderful memories.

Although she would be playing a secondary role, a disruptive one, that didn’t matter.

In this story, there was no Wei Yue, so she could be at ease playing a bad woman.

The first girl is the younger sister, portraying herself as a naive and sweet character. The second girl is the older sister, depicted as an all-round genius, which suits her character well, and she indeed is quite capable in various aspects.

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“Well… I’ll notify you about the audition, Guo Guo. Get ready, this role isn’t settled yet, the director wants to discuss it personally.”

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