Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 278

Tang Guo grasped the glass bottle and asked in a low voice, “What is this?”

“It looks really beautiful, as if it’s glowing. It’s the best gift I’ve ever received in my life,” Tang Guo said with a smile. “I won’t receive a better gift than this in the future.”

Wei Yue’s eyes brightened as he spoke with hope, “Skin regeneration serum, I have named it skin regeneration serum.” He tenderly touched the fierce scar on Tang Guo’s face, “Guo Guo is a girl who loves beauty, how can I let this scar stop Guo Guo’s beauty?”

Tang Guo was stunned, staring blankly at Wei Yue, “You’ve spent half your life researching this?”

“Yes,” Wei Yue replied, somewhat excited, “This is the greatest achievement of my life.” His eyes were spirited, “This is my proposal gift, I hope you like it.”

She was so perfect and so keen on pursuing perfection, how could he not want to help her achieve more perfection?

He loved her, with a deep, heartfelt love. Her every smile and frown could tug at his heart. When she was sad, he felt pain; when she was happy, he felt joy. Her happiness was his happiness.

Tang Guo patted Wei Yue’s face, smiling slightly, “Boyfriend, you are really too willful, researching this regeneration serum without even caring for your own body.”

“Do you know, I actually don’t mind this scar,” she laughed charmingly, “Boyfriend, do you have some misunderstanding about my charm? Despite this scar, I have countless admirers, people compliment me every day, do you really need to provoke so many rivals?”

Seeing Wei Yue’s stunned face, Tang Guo lowered her head and kissed his lips, “But I really like it, boyfriend, you are so good to me.”

“But I am a bit angry, I became beautiful, but you’re gone…”

“Guo Guo, I…”

Tang Guo placed her hand over his lips, “Aren’t you proposing to me? I accept, let’s get married tomorrow.”

“Guo Guo, isn’t tomorrow a bit too hurried?” Wei Yue was somewhat troubled; he hadn’t prepared anything for the wedding. Even if they were to marry, he wanted to give her an unforgettable wedding.

“Don’t worry about the wedding, boyfriend, I had someone handle it a year ago, you just need to show up tomorrow.”

Wei Yue knew his health was failing. Just two days ago, he was fine, but then he collapsed suddenly. He was panicked, afraid of leaving Guo Guo sad. He was also afraid of losing her. Holding his girlfriend’s hand, he felt somewhat reassured.

Guo Guo wanted to marry him, yet he hesitated, knowing he wouldn’t live long. Wouldn’t marrying delay Guo Guo?

“Boyfriend, if you dare to run away from the wedding, I will make sure you die with your eyes open.”

Wei Yue quickly dismissed any thoughts of fleeing the wedding, knowing Guo Guo meant what she said. He wasn’t afraid of dying with his eyes open; he was afraid of her hurting herself.

Tang Guo sat with Wei Yue in the hospital for a long time. During that time, she browsed through the interdimensional group, thought for a moment, and sent out a message, “Ziyun Zhenren, do you have any life-extending pills?”

[Ziyun Zhenren]: Yes, yes, school flower, how many do you need?

[School Flower]: Just give me one for now, I want to see if it works.

Some things in the plot are irreversible, she could change the plot, but not the length of life. As the system said, she indeed hoped Wei Yue could live a little longer.

After getting the life-extending pill, Tang Guo went to Wei Yue’s side and fed it to him, “Swallow it.”

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