Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 277

This year, Tang Guo was thirty-eight years old, and Wei Yue was forty.

The two agreed to meet at a cold drinks shop. Wei Yue was now a mature man, with time leaving no traces on his face; he was like a fine wine, improving with age.

The way he looked at Tang Guo was still filled with pure affection. Whenever she slightly furrowed her brow, he would become worried.

“What flavor of ice cream would Guo Guo like?” He had asked this question countless times without ever tiring of it.

With a smile at the corners of her mouth, Tang Guo said, “I want every kind.” She was happy to answer.

“Alright, Guo Guo, just wait.”

The man turned around to buy the ice cream, asking the shop assistant to scoop a little of each flavor. He quickly returned with the ice cream, placing it in front of Tang Guo and handing her a small spoon.

He didn’t eat anything himself, just watched her eat with a doting look that could almost swoon any female shop assistant.

Even though these two would come to their shop every week to eat all flavors of ice cream, each time the “dog food” would leave the assistants feeling choked up. Yet, if they didn’t come for a week, it would feel unusual.

Tang Guo buried her head and dug into her ice cream. She was approaching forty, but she still looked like a young girl.

[Host, according to the plot, Wei Yue’s life is coming to an end.] The system carefully reminded her, [In his previous life, he was a gang leader who died in a fight. But some plots are irreversible, like death.]

“I know,” said Tang Guo.

She curved her lips into a smile, earnestly savoring the delicious ice cream. “In the time he has left, I will stay by his side and ensure he leaves this life with no regrets.”

[Host, aren’t you sad, heartbroken? Wei Yue should be the best person to you.] The system referred to the small worlds they had been through; only Wei Yue had never hurt the host even a bit, always carefully cherishing and pampering his host since high school.

“Of course I’m sad, it’s a pity, I really like him. But death isn’t scary to me. What’s scary is that my death is yet another beginning, an endless cycle.”

Half an hour passed as Tang Guo ate her bowl of ice cream. Seeing her finish, Wei Yue took out a tissue and carefully wiped the corners of her mouth, his actions reverent as if handling a precious, fragile item.

“Boyfriend,” Tang Guo looked at him, “do you want to get married?”

Wei Yue paused, then threw the tissue into the trash can and caressed her face with a husky voice, “I think about it all the time.”

“Then let’s get married.”

Surprise flickered in Wei Yue’s eyes as he took his girlfriend’s hand. “Is Guo Guo proposing to me?”


“It should be me proposing to Guo Guo.” His eyes were smiling as he tightly held her hand, gazing at her deeply. “Guo Guo, wait a little while, and I will give you my most precious gift.”

“Okay, I’ll indulge you.”

Hand in hand, they walked out of the cold drinks shop, looking perfectly matched.

From that day on, Wei Yue became even busier. A year later, Tang Guo received a call while she was working on a complex equation. Always dedicated, Tang Guo dropped what she was about to complete and left.

At Wei’s private hospital, Tang Guo pushed the door open, and the people inside quickly left. She approached the bedside, taking Wei Yue’s hand. He looked paler and thinner than when they had met a couple of days ago.

“Guo Guo, this is the best gift I can give you.” Wei Yue produced a transparent glass bottle containing a green liquid.

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