Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 276

Ji Xiaosi went to a decent junior college and initially enrolled for a program to upgrade her degree. Filled with determination, she swore to work hard and prove to those who looked down on her that she was an undiscovered gem.

However, by the next semester, she could no longer settle down.

She started dating, going out to bars with classmates, and staying up all night playing online games.

Her approach to exams changed; she no longer aimed for high scores, just enough to pass and not fail any courses. She skipped classes she didn’t like and wouldn’t go if she couldn’t wake up in the morning, asking others to mark her presence. Even if she did attend, she would just play on her phone.

Everyone said college was for having fun anyway. When exams were close, they’d cram a bit and just get through them.

She forgot the resentment she harbored, forgot to prove herself to those who underestimated her, and even forgot her intention to elevate her education level.

When her parents called, she always claimed to be busy studying. When she called them, it was always to ask for more living expenses.

Tang Guo and Wei Yue’s campus life continued to be sweet. Tang Guo chose the challenging path of a math major, not interested in pursuing a business career.

Wei Yue, unexpectedly, didn’t choose economics but went for biology, which surprised many.

Whenever someone asked him, “Doesn’t your family own a mine? Wouldn’t economics be the best choice?”

Wei Yue would just smile and say, “I’m more interested in biology.”

Both kept busy with their studies, setting aside an hour each day to meet, dine, and chat, lavishing affection on each other, and openly displaying their relationship at University B.

People assumed they would marry right after graduation, but reality proved different. Tang Guo immersed herself in the math field, yet still made time to meet Wei Yue weekly, their relationship unaffected.

Wei Yue continued his work in biological research and the development of the Wei Group, eventually establishing his own lab with full funding from the group.

Everyone knew Wei Yue was conducting a very mysterious experiment, but the specifics were unknown.

At the age of twenty-seven, Tang Guo won the Hua Luogeng Mathematics Award. By then, Wei Yue had expanded his company tenfold, but he spent most of his time in the lab, still meeting Tang Guo twice a week.

At thirty-two, Tang Guo won the prestigious Wolf Prize in Mathematics, bringing great honor to the country and making significant contributions to the mathematical community. The next year, the formula named after her, the Guo Formula, appeared in high school math textbooks.

Her former classmates reacted with expressions like: →_→

At that time, Wei Yue was an extremely low-profile national billionaire, ranking among the top ten worldwide. However, he still didn’t focus his energy on the company, and spent all his time in the laboratory.

Everyone got used to it. Perhaps this is Director Wei’s hobby. Although he hasn’t achieved much, he’s still much better than those greedy and lustful bosses.

At thirty-five, Tang Guo received the Fields Medal, once again making her name resonate internationally, earning boundless honor for her country. By then, the Guo Formula concept had permeated the entire high school curriculum.

Students from No.1 Middle School: “Senior, please don’t hurt us like this; the formulas are too many, too complex, too hard to calculate, too hard to memorize. Since we’re all alumni, could you go easy on us?”

However, the reality was that the Guo Formula concept and new theories kept emerging, making the high school math textbook increasingly difficult year after year. Every time they faced the Guo Formula, students couldn’t help but search online for that woman’s smiling photo and stare at it for a long time.

Living mathematicians, especially female ones, are truly terrifying. Particularly one with such thick hair, and shockingly not bald. How frightening!

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