Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 275

The college entrance examination results were announced, and the No.1 Middle School stood out dramatically.

Having two science students score perfect marks is a phenomenon estimated not to reoccur for many years; it might never happen again.

What’s more terrifying is that the two top scorers are a couple, and the most frightening part is that Wei Yue was once ranked last.

The teachers weren’t surprised at their perfect scores; their usual test papers were also flawless, with only the Chinese teacher occasionally docking a point as a friendly gesture.

There were many teachers involved in grading the high school exams. A perfect score in the essay section required unanimous agreement among several teachers. Little did anyone know that these two would score perfect marks across all subjects, and they were a couple, no less.

Ji Xiaosi looked at her score sheet, tears streaming down her face: Chinese 109, Math 70, English 93, Science 130, totaling 402 points, and she finally broke down.

If it weren’t for her exceptional performance in the science section, her score would definitely have fallen below one hundred.

Previously, aside from her consistently scoring above 500 in every final exam, even in midterms without any special aids and just using some clever tricks, she could hover around 480.

In the end, her high school exam score was 402, not even reaching the undergraduate admission line. She couldn’t believe how poor her results were.

What would her score have been without the special pills? It wouldn’t have reached 400.

She stared blankly at the couple being interviewed on TV. Even though Tang Guo’s face was marred, her confident demeanor still shone brightly, stealing the spotlight even from Wei Yue, who was quite handsome.

Ji Xiaosi covered her face and cried. Why did this happen? She studied every day.

Tang Guo, on the other hand, didn’t spend much time on studying. She would complete her homework in the classroom and go home with no books in her bag.

Ji Xiaosi did just like Tang Guo; she even took her homework home to finish. Despite having the same amount of study time, her score was 402, while Tang Guo scored perfect marks.

“Xiaosi, you can choose to retake the year or pick a decent vocational college. It might just be that you didn’t perform well this time. If you decide to retake, I’ll use the money saved for your university for that. If you don’t want to retake, going to a vocational college is also an option. There are opportunities there too, like transferring to a university program if you work hard. You won’t be worse than others.”

Ji Xiaosi’s mother comforted her, patting her head. “Is it because of the hair loss that you can’t settle down? Once you decide, I’ll take you to see a specialist.”

Ji Xiaosi looked wooden. “I’ll go to the vocational college.”

Why should she return to the No.1 Middle School? To embarrass herself?

Tang Guo and Wei Yue went to B University, and so did Fu Zhuoshu. Watching these two exceptional individuals hand-in-hand heading to B University made his heart sour. He had to admire Wei Yue; how much must he have loved Tang Guo and how much effort must he have put in behind the scenes to stand alongside her.

Remembering the scene of the other person memorizing vocabulary in the bathroom, Fu Zhuoshu felt relieved.

He was a secret admirer, a qualified one, who wouldn’t disrupt their happiness.

He and Ji Xiaosi have already broken up. He doesn’t like Ji Xiaosi. At that time, it was out of spite, and he did feel a bit sorry for the other party. He originally intended to put it delicately, but Ji Xiaosi was too unreasonable, and in the end, it was his parents who resolved the matter.

Ji Xiaosi took a sum of money from his family before agreeing to break up with him.

Looking back, Fu Zhuoshu found it somewhat amusing. What had attracted him to Ji Xiaosi initially? Perhaps, it was her face, which was very similar to Tang Guo’s.

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  1. Absolutely love the male lead of this arc, i hope he have a happy ending too and probably this will be my most favorite arc, Thank you very much for this update ♥️🥰

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