Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 274

Ji Xiaosi was in a panic and unable to control herself. She sent out a lot of messages. If Tang Guo didn’t understand the other person, she might really have been swayed by those words out of sympathy.

No one in the group came forward to help; they were all too aware of Ji Xiaosi’s human flaws, and no one sympathized with her.

The school flower had given her some super-smart pills with the intention of teasing her, but if the recipient was a clever and diligent person, they would use these pills wisely. These pills could help focus and tackle difficult problems that they couldn’t normally solve, and manage the types of problems they usually struggled with, ultimately helping them to get into a decent university.

However, she only thought about getting results without working for them and used the super-smart pills for her exams, which was a waste of their potential, and now one could truly say she deserved her current plight.

[Ji Xiaosi]: I’ll trade all my belongings for just one pill, is that okay?

Ji Xiaosi thought that her performance in language, mathematics, and foreign languages was quite balanced since she had been studying these subjects from a young age and had an advantage. However, the comprehensive science exam covering three subjects was more content-heavy and had harder question types, so she decided to use the pill for this exam.

Tang Guo raised an eyebrow and agreed.

She also said, “You can only eat up to fifteen of the super-smart pills. How many have you eaten before? I remember last time you were getting them for your friend as well, right? Even if you split them, it should be less than fifteen, so there should be no problem.”

Ji Xiaosi felt a chill at her feet, a bad premonition forming—she had eaten sixteen by herself!

“School flower, what do you mean? What happens if it’s more than fifteen?”

“It’s for your own good that I’m not trading with you. I’m afraid you’ll eat too many. If you exceed fifteen pills, it will permanently affect your mind and I won’t be able to help. It’s due to excessive brain use. That’s why last time I said it was the last trade. If it weren’t for your friend, I wouldn’t give it to you. I’ll give you sixteen pills altogether. Even if you only give one to your friend and you eat fifteen, there won’t be any consequences. So, I’ll give them to you.”


Ji Xiaosi widened her eyes, took off her wig, and touched her bald head. Her face paled—she would never grow hair again?

Only fifteen super-smart pills allowed?

Ji Xiaosi angrily typed on her phone, “Why didn’t the school flower say this earlier?”

“I was only planning to give you sixteen initially, and you said some were for your friend, so you wouldn’t exceed fifteen anyway. I had forgotten about this problem. It’s rare for anyone to trade this much with me; usually, they don’t exceed fifteen, and I wouldn’t give more if they did. You are an exception because I was moved by your and your friend’s relationship. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have made an exception.”

[Host was dead serious in explaining, I almost believed it.] The system silently snooped.

“Is this pill for your friend or for you, and how many have you eaten now?” Tang Guo quietly typed.

Ji Xiaosi was still immersed in the shock of never growing hair again, realizing it was her own fault. The other person had thought she was helping her friend, but it was a trap she had dug herself into. Who could she blame?

“Ji Xiaosi, do you still want it? Honestly, I don’t want to make an exception for you a second time. If you don’t need it, I’ll leave.”

Ji Xiaosi snapped back, “Yes, I’ll give you the rest of my things.”

Since she was not going to grow hair anyway, eating one less or one more pill made no difference. Tomorrow was the college entrance exam, and she had to perform extraordinarily well.

After trading for the pills, Ji Xiaosi lost all motivation to study. She lay on her bed, staring blankly, and couldn’t help touching her bald head. Just thinking about never growing hair again brought tears to her eyes.

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