Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 273

The first semester of senior year has ended.

During the final exam, Tang Guo and Wei Yue still occupied the first and second positions respectively. The position behind Fu Zhuoshu has changed countless times, yet he consistently held onto the third position firmly, refusing to let anyone take it away, and his interaction with Ji Xiaosi also decreased over time.

If it weren’t for Ji Xiaosi’s hair not having grown out yet, he might have suggested breaking up already. Ji Xiaosi was becoming more and more troublesome, and he was really annoyed by now.

Ji Xiaosi was still in the third examination hall, looking at the dark pills in her hand and swallowing them in one gulp.

The college entrance examination is coming soon, and Tang Guo has gained many more fans. On the day of her exam, her fans all sent their blessings. Some stock investors also extended their blessings to her because Tang Guo is not secretive and has given them a lot of guidance. Although they didn’t earn much, they didn’t lose everything like before.

On the day before the college entrance exam, Ji Xiaosi, who hadn’t been around for a while, @’ed Tang Guo.

[Ji Xiaosi]: School flower, do you still have those super-smart pills?

A few days ago, while reviewing, Ji Xiaosi suddenly realized that she seemed to know everything when the book was open, but as soon as it was closed, she was in the dark about everything.

She had clearly done that problem before, but always got it wrong when she tried it herself.

The answers that should have been correct were somehow filled in wrong. It’s as if she has lost her ability to calculate; her brain seems like it hasn’t been functioning for a long time. Clearly, she has seen these types of questions before, she should have answered them correctly.

In the previous final exams, she only needed to quickly flip through a book, then take the exam. She could get all the question types right that she had seen before.

She had thought about just doing a closed-book exam for the college entrance test, but she hadn’t expected… her total score wouldn’t even qualify for an ordinary university.

At that moment, Ji Xiaosi panicked. She thought she was smart enough just flipping through books, without needing to practice problems, and she could still do well on the final exams.

Why wasn’t this the case?

The college entrance exam was tomorrow, and she had no chance to correct herself. She suddenly remembered a group she hadn’t visited in a long time.

Tang Guo had always stayed in touch with the group members. They weren’t surprised by Ji Xiaosi’s reappearance. After the second time she asked for the exchange of the super-smart pills, Tang Guo knew this moment would come because she had only given her twelve pills.

Second semester of sophomore year, first semester of junior year, first semester of senior year—exactly twelve pills. Given Ji Xiaosi’s character, she definitely wouldn’t save the super-smart pills for the college entrance exam.

She subconsciously believed that she could still exchange for them from Tang Guo.

[Host, you are really cunning.]

Those like the silent Ziyun Zhenren also sighed silently in their hearts. Yes, the school flower was really cunning. Initially, he hadn’t seen anything wrong with the twelve pills, but having interacted with Ji Xiaosi for a while, he also understood how many semesters there were in the high school of this dimension.

Now Ji Xiaosi came asking for the pills, presumably to deal with the legendary life-changing college entrance exam.

The school flower was really impressive, calculating to this extent and thoroughly understanding Ji Xiaosi’s nature.

[School Flower]: I told you last time, that was the last exchange.

Ji Xiaosi became anxious, “School flower, just help me one more time, just this one last time, I promise I won’t ask you to exchange pills again.

[School Flower]: You don’t have anything I’m interested in, and the items you’ve given me before can’t exchange for so many super-smart pills. Do you really think the ingredients for making these pills are picked up from the ground?

System: […] Actually, they really are.

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