Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 256

“Boyfriend, the final exams are coming up soon. Don’t be so negligent with your studies and indulge in playfulness.”

“Have you finished writing the readings and compositions that I printed for you?”

“If you really want to go have fun, you have to wait until after the final exams. No matter where you want to go, I can accompany you.”

At first, Wei Yue felt a bit down, but upon hearing the last sentence, he quickly nodded. “I’ve already done most of the test papers. I’ll definitely do well in the finals.”

Tang Guo really liked the bright eyes of Wei Yue. His gaze was incredibly focused, especially when he looked at her. Those pitch-black, bright eyes seemed to have room for nothing else, only her.

She touched Wei Yue’s forehead and playfully said, “You’re so cute. I want to give you a kiss.”

Wei Yue blushed, feeling a bit embarrassed to meet Tang Guo’s gaze but also unable to look away. He could only earnestly look at her with his face flushed. This expression surprised the students around them. The tough guy who never blinked when staring people down was blushing.

This was truly a terrifying revelation!!

“Everyone’s watching here, and we’re still in the classroom,” Wei Yue said softly, “If you really want to kiss, let’s find a place with no one around after school.”

His casual attitude made Tang Guo unable to hold back her smile. She really liked Wei Yue, an adorable and sincere person.

Her soft fingers touched Wei Yue’s eyes, and he didn’t flinch at all. While kissing was off-limits, a little touch from his girlfriend was still fine.

He sensed people around them sneaking looks with books and notebooks covering their faces. He gave them a fierce glare, scaring the students from the third class into averting their gaze. Only then was he satisfied.

But when facing Tang Guo, he showed a puppy-like, eager-to-please expression. This scene made the students from the third class feel uncomfortable, as if they had been hit hard.

It was almost nauseating.

Was this differential treatment really okay?

After enduring until the end of school, the students from the third class rushed out with cries of relief. They really didn’t want to witness the constant display of affection during and between classes.

Without looking back, they knew that Wei Yue was helping Tang, the school flower, pack her bag. He carried the bag without complaints, guarding her like a knight, always on the lookout for anyone getting too close to avoid bumping into Tang Guo.

Only after making sure Tang Guo got into the car safely, he would return to his tough-guy demeanor. The Tang family knew the kind of person Wei Yue was after getting to know him, so they chose to observe.

Later, when Tang Guo told her parents that Wei Yue was her boyfriend and that they planned to go to University B together, they were surprisingly unfazed.

They had also heard about Wei Yue’s transformation and his skyrocketing grades. Mr. and Mrs. Tang were now calm and composed, smiling as they said, “He truly deserves to be the young man our daughter has chosen.”

Wei Yue had progressed from sending Tang Guo to the Tang residence to now being invited to dine with them.

“Miss, Sir and Madam asked if Mr. Wei would like to come home for dinner.” The driver smiled warmly. Wei Yue’s performance this semester had dazzled countless onlookers.

Initially, many had mocked the Tang family, saying that the Tang family’s daughter was disfigured and only deserved to be with a troublemaker. Little did they know that this troublemaker was no simple character. He was a hidden gem, covered in dust, and his heart was set solely on the young miss.

Wei Yue was very happy. He quickly opened the car door, helped Tang Guo in, and followed suit. He flashed a toothy smile at the driver, a silly expression that even made the driver’s temple twitch.

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