Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 255

Ji Xiaosi hadn’t snatched anything particularly good in the group for a long time. Although she kept an eye on the group whenever she had free time, she didn’t dare to snatch red envelopes at school.

Even though people in the group still occasionally sent red envelopes, she didn’t know why, but they often sent them while she was in class, and she didn’t dare to snatch them.

If it was something small that appeared out of nowhere, she could hide it, but if it was a big item that appeared directly on her desk, she would definitely be caught and dissected by others.

She had been having bad luck recently. When she returned home and locked herself in her room, she managed to snatch many red envelopes, but they had no direct impact on her.

Especially the school flower group owner, who often sent big gift packages while she was in class. She didn’t dare to snatch them. There was one time when she finally got permission to leave class and went to the restroom, and she managed to snatch a roasted goose, but it was sweet. She hated sweet roasted goose the most.

“Xiaosi, do you have confidence in getting in the top ten in the final exam this time?” It was her desk mate, with whom Ji Xiaosi got along quite well. “Your performance hasn’t been good this semester. How about we study together after school?”

Ji Xiaosi’s desk mate had a good temper and had been maintaining her position around seventh or eighth in the class.

Whether it was the previous Ji Xiaosi, the perfect Ji Xiaosi afterward, or the currently bald Ji Xiaosi, her attitude remained consistent.

She was the only good friend Ji Xiaosi recognized, and if Ji Xiaosi had a calm state of mind, she could feel her desk mate’s concern.

At this moment, Ji Xiaosi had almost lost her ability to think. Everyone knew about her baldness and her declining grades, even though the regular tests weren’t that important.

But during the midterm exams, she studied hard for a week and barely managed to rank nineteenth in the class.

If she didn’t do well in the final exams too, it would only indicate that her grades were unstable. Tang Guo was ahead of her, and everyone would compare her to Tang Guo.

These days, she could hear people talking every day, saying that Tang Guo had been disfigured but still became the top student in the grade, while she couldn’t handle the blow just because she was bald and so on.

She couldn’t swallow her pride.

Her desk mate’s worried expression, in her eyes, was also questioning her abilities.

“No need,” Ji Xiaosi replied coldly. “My mom wants me to go home early. They’ll worry if I’m late.”

Her desk mate didn’t catch the cold tone in Ji Xiaosi’s voice and thought she was just in a bad mood. She kindly reassured her, “Oh, alright. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask.”

That condescending tone was really annoying. Ji Xiaosi tightly pursed her lips and buried her head, not even looking at her desk mate.


Wei Yue was attracted by Tang Guo’s “hehe” and stared at her without blinking. “Are you happy?”

“Yeah, I’m happy.”

If his girlfriend was happy, he was happy too. Wei Yue showed a big smile. He had recently cut his hair, and he was already handsome. Now that his grades had improved and he had clean-cut short hair, he had become the dream guy of countless girls.

But in his eyes, there was only Tang Guo, and no girl dared to approach him.

“It’s almost the weekend. Do you want to go out and have some fun?”

Wei Yue felt a little nervous. He had read many guides on how to be a good boyfriend recently, and having a romantic date on a holiday was something girls would like. And if he prepared a small surprise, the girl would like him even more.

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