Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 254

Fu Zhuoshu knew that he had feelings for Tang Guo, but seeing what Wei Yue did for Tang Guo, the changes he made for her, and her radiant and beautiful appearance, he dared not disrupt it.

Ma Mao’s appearance made him very cautious.

“Who are you to interfere?” Ma Mao snorted coldly. “You better take care of your girlfriend. I’m not competing with you anymore. You should be happy.”

After Ma Mao finished speaking, he turned and left.

Fu Zhuoshu frowned, not noticing the jealousy in Ji Xiaosi’s eyes or the clenched fists. He turned and walked towards Tang Guo.

“Be careful of Ma Mao, and let Wei Yue keep an eye out.”

After saying that, he returned to his seat and let out a long sigh. He glanced at Ji Xiaosi’s back but couldn’t see her expression clearly. However, he understood Ji Xiaosi’s recent changes and the occasional ambiguous remarks she made.

So he restrained himself and didn’t get too close to Tang Guo.

In fact, he wanted to talk to Ji Xiaosi and end things. But because of Ji Xiaosi’s baldness, he couldn’t bear it and planned to wait for her to recover before breaking up with her.

Tang Guo had no idea what these people were thinking, and even if she knew, she wouldn’t care.

Ji Xiaosi held her phone, thinking about how long it would take for her hair to grow out.

Calculating the time, she would be able to stop wearing a hat before the final exams. She let out a sigh of relief.

It was really uncomfortable to endure the curious gazes of others every day.

Previously, she wore a wig, but it accidentally fell off during the break, embarrassing her. Now that the weather had turned cooler, she simply wore a hat.

But she could still feel those curious glances, and she had to bear with it for now.

Fu Zhuoshu’s concern for Tang Guo truly angered her, especially since he was her boyfriend.

Ma Mao, who used to like her so much, seemed to have also taken an interest in Tang Guo.

She gritted her teeth and really wanted to ask why. Tang Guo was already an ugly duckling, so why did so many people still like her?

Fortunately, her hair would soon grow out. Ji Xiaosi’s gaze burned with determination. She had finally changed her life and she wouldn’t let Fu Zhuoshu leave her.

The final exams were approaching, and Ji Xiaosi had been absent-minded in her studies recently. When she heard the homeroom teacher mention her name, she quickly sat up straight.

“Ji Xiaosi, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Although your test scores this semester have declined a bit, the teacher can understand you. Approach the final exams with a calm mindset.”

Ji Xiaosi gritted her teeth. Why didn’t she have a clever mind like Tang Guo? Why did all the good things happen to Tang Guo?

The thought of possibly hovering around average or below in the final exams made her extremely nervous.

“Ji Xiaosi, you can study with Tang Guo. The teacher believes that Tang Guo is someone we should all learn from this semester.”

She was strong, intelligent, and despite experiencing such a tragedy, she remained full of sunshine and consistently achieved top scores. No one dared to mention anything about Tang Guo’s appearance anymore. Anyone who dared to would be drowned in countless spit.

They not only saved themselves but also made Wei Yue turn around. From being the second-to-last student in the class, he became one of the top fifteen. If not for his abysmal Chinese scores, barely passing each time, he could have made it to the top three.

No one dared to say they weren’t deserving, and even the school’s teachers tacitly accepted their relationship. The head teacher pretended not to see them holding hands and took a detour.

“Yes, teacher.”

Ji Xiaosi lowered her head. Even in this situation, Tang Guo still shone brightly.

“No, she must do well in the final exams.”

Take a guess at what Ji Xiaosi will do next.

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