Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 253

“School flower Tang Guo, that Ma Mao is here again,” said the girl in front, glancing at Wei Yue’s empty seat. Wei Yue was absent today because he went to participate in a math competition and took a day off.

Every time Wei Yue was away, Ma Mao from No. 2 High School would sneak over here.

At first, they thought they were here to find Ji Xiaosi, but they didn’t expect Ma Mao to openly talk to Ji Xiaosi and then sneakily glance at Tang Guo.

Later on, he simply came to find Tang Guo openly. Nobody knew what he was thinking.

“School flower, you should stay away from Ma Mao. He’s a dangerous person.”

Just as the girl in front said this, she noticed Ma Mao looking at her with a heavy gaze, and she was so scared that she hurriedly ran out of the classroom.

Tang Guo was eating her meal without even looking at Ma Mao.

“How about I treat you to lunch today?”

Ma Mao hesitated and said this sentence, completely lacking the aura of a school bully. If it weren’t for someone witnessing him bullying a classmate, they would think Ma Mao had changed.

Tang Guo lifted an eyebrow. “I’m almost full.”

“Even if you don’t eat, it’s still good to spend time together, maybe have some tea…” Ma Mao looked at Tang Guo’s face, feeling a tinge of guilt. “I… I think I might have really hurt you before. Can I apologize to you?”

Host, did you flirt with Ma Mao? the system asked surprised.

Tang Guo snorted, “I would only flirt with him after I’ve had my fill. I haven’t flirted enough with my boyfriend, so I don’t have time to play with him.”

The system thought to itself that indeed, the host had a strong personality and would never flirt with someone she didn’t have feelings for. It should be said that she resolutely wouldn’t flirt with someone who didn’t attract her, not even if she were forced.

“No interest.” Tang Guo buried her head and continued eating. “You should leave quickly. I don’t want to see you.”

“Must it be like this?” Ma Mao looked disappointed. “What do you want? I’ll make it up to you, okay?”

Tang Guo raised an eyebrow. “Sure,” she said when she saw Ma Mao’s hopeful expression. “I’ll forgive you if you splash sulfuric acid on your own face, and we can be good friends.”

Ma Mao’s smile froze, and he stared at Tang Guo without saying a word. “You dislike me that much?”

“Isn’t that obvious? Go ask those girls who were splashed with sulfuric acid. Who wouldn’t hate the person who ruined their lives?” Tang Guo smirked. “They’re much crazier than me in what they want to do. It would be considered lenient if I just broke your bones and scattered your ashes.”

Ma Mao took a step back in shock. He dared not meet Tang Guo’s gaze. He didn’t know why he came here and why he begged for her forgiveness. He felt like he was going crazy. Was it because her face resembled Ji Xiaosi’s?

He didn’t know. He initially liked Ji Xiaosi, but he didn’t understand why all the attention was now on Tang Guo. As for Ji Xiaosi, he no longer felt the same way about her.

Ma Mao wanted to say something, but Fu Zhuoshu and Ji Xiaosi entered the classroom. It seemed like they had just finished eating.

Ji Xiaosi saw Ma Mao and quickly hid behind Fu Zhuoshu. She was truly terrified of this crazy person, Ma Mao.

Fu Zhuoshu’s expression changed when he saw Ma Mao, but he quickly paid attention to Tang Guo, who was calmly eating. Seeing that she was fine, he couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

“Ma Mao, this is No. 1 High School.”

Fu Zhuoshu didn’t fear Ma Mao. His Fu family was no worse than the Ma family.

“You’ve already hurt her, how can you appear in front of her so shamelessly?” Fu Zhuoshu knew why Ma Mao came and found it laughable. He had hurt someone, even resorted to using his family’s influence to pressure her, and now he wanted to ask for her forgiveness. This Ma Mao was really something.

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