Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 252

During Tang Guo’s menstrual period, he would take out brown sugar and sanitary pads from his backpack? And because Tang Guo frowned, looked pale, and was too nervous to focus on class, he would directly pick her up and run to the school infirmary.

If someone stopped him, he would say fiercely, “Get out of the way, can’t you see my girlfriend is not feeling well?”

“If you delay my girlfriend’s illness, be careful, I’ll beat you so hard that you won’t be able to get out of bed for half a year.”

Whenever Tang Guo said she was hungry or thirsty or wanted to eat something, he always took care of her every need.

The classmates in Class 3 went from being initially shocked to now being very used to it. If Wei Yue didn’t dote on Tang Guo for a day, they felt like the world was about to change.

Besides being showered with affection countless times every day, they still felt that this kind of life was good. Occasionally gossiping about how Wei Yue, the school bully, would pamper Tang Guo, the school flower, was also very interesting.

Now the entire campus forum is filled with various posts about Wei Yue doting on Tang Guo, and they have been listed for everyone to see what Wei Yue will do today.

But… that doesn’t mean they can accept Wei Yue being a good student and striving for progress every day.

They thought he could only persist for a week at most, but one month passed, then two months… and he was still persevering.

Nowadays, Wei Yue, apart from in front of Tang Guo, doesn’t forget to bring a book even when going to the bathroom, doing morning exercises, eating, or even occasionally going to settle disputes for his younger brother.

Once, he took his younger brother to settle a dispute and brought a math exercise book with him.

The classmates in Class 3 learned about it later, and the whole class exclaimed in unison.

Those who were beaten up by Wei Yue’s younger brother and saw Wei Yue doing math problems swore that they would never provoke Wei Yue again.

Hmm, the little hooligan isn’t scary. A little hooligan who works so hard, comes from a good family, and doesn’t forget to do math problems even in fights… they can’t afford to mess with him.

What if this little hooligan transforms into a mathematician in the future? A scientist? Some big shot? Shouldn’t they hold a grudge?

Wei Yue has come to enjoy studying. He particularly enjoys the encouraging look in his girlfriend’s eyes after every test. It warms his heart.

His math score went from thirty points to sixty points, passing the passing line… and now it’s a perfect score.

It only took him two months, shocking his classmates in Class 3.

In his last integrated science test, he only lost twenty points, which was a bit lower than Tang Guo’s perfect score, but it had surpassed most people.

As for English, that’s non-existent. Wei Yue had been exposed to English since he was young and was even considered a genius child being groomed to be sent abroad. Getting a perfect score was no problem.

As for Chinese…

Wei Yue: Heh, forget about Chinese.

“Boyfriend, today I printed a comprehension book and some essay topics. Remember to finish them within a week, and I’ll carefully review them.” Tang Guo said seriously.

“You won’t disappoint me, right?”

Wei Yue had just cursed Chinese in his heart, but when he saw the expectant look in his girlfriend’s eyes, he quickly sat up straight, “Absolutely not, I will definitely do them seriously.”

“Okay, I believe in you.”

Wei Yue is someone who won’t deceive or play tricks once he makes a promise, but of course, this only applies to Tang Guo, the person he made the promise to.

He wants to accompany her to the highest institution of learning. He doesn’t want to see disappointment in her eyes. Her encouragement and belief are his motivation.

A smile curled up at the corner of Tang Guo’s mouth as she looked at Wei Yue’s sincere appearance. Unable to resist, she reached out and touched his head, “So obedient.”

Class 3 classmates: “…want to smash bowls.”

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