Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 251

As Wei Yue spoke, he tightly grabbed Tang Guo’s hand and said, “Whoever dares to have any ideas about my woman, I’ll make sure he can’t get out of bed for half a year.”

Tang Guo smiled and didn’t say much, but it made Wei Yue feel uneasy.

He was a low-achiever in school, while his girlfriend was a top student. His girlfriend wanted to attend a prestigious university, so what should he do? He was waiting online, feeling extremely anxious!

Tang Guo patted Wei Yue on the shoulder, looking meaningful. “You have to work hard, boyfriend. You’re only in the second year of high school, and you still have two years left. With your intelligence, what’s a mere higher education institution?”

It was because of this sentence that Wei Yue lost any desire to reject studying.

His girlfriend called him smart and said he had a chance to go to a prestigious university with her.

How could he disappoint his girlfriend?

The thought of her disappointed expression made him feel uncomfortable. Wei Yue let go of Tang Guo’s hand and quietly took out a brand new textbook. He had never taken out his books in several semesters.

“Go for it.”

His girlfriend encouraged him; he couldn’t let her down.

Wei Yue took a deep breath and flipped through the second-year textbook. He couldn’t understand it!

In the end, he silently took out the first-year textbook and sighed in relief; at least he could understand some of it. He didn’t want to disturb Tang Guo; she was too amazing. He was so anxious, worried that if he sought her help, she would realize that he was even worse academically than she imagined, and he didn’t know if she would be disappointed.

That day, Wei Yue watched Tang Guo get into the car and didn’t bother looking for trouble with Ma Mao anymore. He only told his younger brothers, “I’m going to my grandfather’s house.”

Looking at the group of idle younger brothers, he patted their shoulders. “Do you know a saying?”

The younger brothers were all confused, feeling like their boss was acting strange.

“A thug is not scary, but a thug with education is. From today on, all of you go back and study. At least pass this final exam for me.”

Passing grade: “…” They didn’t think they could do it; it was really difficult.

Leaving behind a group of stunned younger brothers, Wei Yue walked away with his head held high. His grandfather knew many professors, and with his own intelligence, he should be able to catch up with his girlfriend’s progress soon.

He would definitely not let his girlfriend down.

In the following days, the students of Class 3 discovered something terrifying.

Wei Yue, who had never liked studying, was actually reading books???

He didn’t sleep in class anymore, paid attention to the lectures, took notes, and even stayed in his seat to do practice problems during breaks.

According to a boy who went to the restroom, he heard someone next door reciting vocabulary.

He thought it was a hardworking classmate, but when the person came out, it turned out to be Wei Yue!!!

Wei Yue’s dedication to studying wasn’t scary, but Wei Yue reciting vocabulary while on the toilet was truly terrifying.

They felt that this world was too damn fantastical. Wei Yue had started studying hard.

At first, they thought Wei Yue was just putting on an act to please Tang Guo.

Everyone knew about their little relationship; Wei Yue spoiled Tang Guo so much. If you listed all the things he did for her, you would understand.

Every morning, he waited at the school gate and handed her warm milk and bread, taking her backpack.

When Tang Guo wanted to go to the library, he would go early to reserve a seat for her.

Approaching noon, he would secretly rush down to the cafeteria ten minutes early to buy her lunch.

During break time, he would always buy some snacks.

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