Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 250

Wei Yue heard that Ma Mao had come to find Tang Guo, so he came to the school in the afternoon.

Tang Guo was in class, and he leaned on the desk, watching her.

In the past, he would have been embarrassed, but now he was open about it.

Tang Guo said, “Boyfriend, you’re looking at me so seriously, have you fallen in love with me?”

If it were before, Wei Yue would definitely have a sour face and say, “How is that possible, you’re thinking too much.”

“It’s possible.” This was Wei Yue’s reply now. “I might really be in love with you.” He said it seriously, indicating that he wasn’t lying.

Upon hearing this strange confession, Tang Guo couldn’t concentrate on the class anymore. What did it feel like to be teased unexpectedly by her boyfriend?

Especially with such a serious expression, Tang Guo honestly thought about teasing him back.

“Really?” she smiled, her mouth curved with joy. “So you mean I’ve finally seen the light after waiting for so long.”

Wei Yue’s heart skipped a beat when he heard her words. He quickly found a notebook and wrote and drew on it, and after a while, Tang Guo received the notebook handed to her.

There was a heart drawn on the notebook, and on the heart it said, “Really.”

She burst into laughter, believing his words. She took the notebook and drew a heart as well, and wrote three words in the middle.

Wei Yue eagerly snatched the notebook and looked at the three words, a big smile spreading across his face.

Those three words were: “Me too.”

Seeing Tang Guo flipping through her book while listening to the class, her other hand hanging down, he glanced at her, then discreetly moved closer and tentatively reached out his hand. In the end, he bit his lip and firmly held her soft little hand, causing Tang Guo to turn her head.

His heart was pounding as he carefully watched her expression. He had no intention of letting go, but instead, he squeezed her hand tighter, as if afraid she would run away.

Seeing Tang Guo merely glance at him and continue listening to the class, he breathed a sigh of relief. He felt elated inside. She was his girlfriend, his person. He held her small hand in both of his hands, treating it like a precious gem.

He pondered why he hadn’t held his girlfriend’s hand earlier. He had wasted so much time, and he deeply regretted it.

“Boyfriend, be careful. The students behind us have seen us. If the teacher sees us, I can’t guarantee they won’t separate us.”

This sentence made Wei Yue tense all over, but it made Tang Guo burst into laughter. In fact, with her current grades and performance, the teacher wouldn’t bother them.

As long as she maintained her grades, the teacher wouldn’t interfere with her and Wei Yue’s relationship. Recently, when the teacher mentioned Wei Yue, there was not a hint of frustration on their face, but rather a trace of gratitude.

All the teachers agreed that Wei Yue’s presence had motivated Tang Guo to continue striving.

Oh my, this really was a beautiful misunderstanding.

“Boyfriend, have you thought about which university you want to attend in the future?” Tang Guo suddenly remembered that she wanted to become the top scorer in the college entrance exam, so she would definitely go to B University in B City, the best institution in the country.

Considering her boyfriend’s grades, if it weren’t for his family’s wealth, he probably wouldn’t even be able to attend a mediocre university.

But before going to university, she would deal with the Ma family.

Wei Yue was taken aback for a moment, then asked, “Where will you go?”

“With my excellence, naturally, it will be the top institution.”

Wei Yue looked at her radiant appearance and suddenly felt a bit panicked. He hadn’t forgotten that he was the second-to-last student, unable to attend the top institution.

“Since you’re my girlfriend, no matter where you go, you’re not allowed to leave me.” Wei Yue said firmly.

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