Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 248

During the vacation, Tang Guo would send messages and call Wei Yue every day. Gradually, it became Wei Yue who would regularly send messages and make phone calls to Tang Guo. If he didn’t receive any messages from her for a day, he would feel restless.

If three days passed without seeing her, he couldn’t help but run to Tang’s house. Even just seeing her downstairs would put him at ease.

Wei Yue believed that his condition was getting worse, but what kind of strange illness was it that made him feel as if three autumns had passed in a single day without seeing Tang Guo?

“Boss, why do you look so troubled? Did you have a fight with our sister-in-law?”

“No… it’s not that.” Wei Yue pursed his lips. They were doing fine, how could they possibly have a fight? Besides, even if they did, would he argue with a little girl?

Moreover, he couldn’t bear to scold her… he couldn’t bear it… He paused, realizing that he couldn’t scold her at all.

Seeing Wei Yue furrowing his brows as if he wanted to kill a mosquito, his younger brothers below started to worry.

“Could it be that Ma Mao provoked the boss?”

During the vacation, their boss seemed to have gone crazy. He would go bother Ma Mao for no reason. Now, whenever Ma Mao saw their boss, he would try to avoid him.

They also understood that their boss had never shown his true abilities before. Now that he had, Ma Mao would end up beaten to a pulp every time.

The gangsters from both No.1 High School and No.2 High School were aware of the relationship between Tang, the school flower of No.1 High School, and Wei Yue, the school bully. Although Tang had been splashed with sulfuric acid, ruining half of her face, everyone still referred to her as the school flower, without thinking of changing it.

For those who hadn’t seen Tang after her disfigurement, they might question this title, but once they saw her, they would understand her radiant beauty. There truly was no one else like her.

Looking at her smile, one would completely overlook the scar on her face. And even if they did notice it, their first thought wouldn’t be ugliness, but rather heartache. How could someone be so heartless as to harm such a perfect person?

The Ma family had tried to suppress the news, but many people still knew it was him who did it.

Ma Mao later understood why he was beaten by Wei Yue. It was because of Tang Guo, the student from No.1 High School, whom he accidentally splashed with sulfuric acid.

If he wanted to blame someone, he could only blame her for resembling Ji Xiaosi too much. He had lost his senses for a moment. As a result, he was scolded by his family. Luckily, the Tang family didn’t dare to provoke the Ma family, so they let the matter rest.

However, Ma Mao still felt angry about being beaten by Wei Yue.

As for Ji Xiaosi, he had been avoiding her all this time. Just thinking about her made him furious, and he was afraid of repeating what had happened before, so he hadn’t gone to look for her for the time being.

Now that school had started, he wanted to see this so-called school flower. He wanted to see who she really was, that even Wei Yue, that kid, stood by her side and became friends with her.

Ma Mao had his subordinates keep an eye on Wei Yue and learned that he wasn’t at school today. This was a rare opportunity.

During lunch break, he sneaked into No.1 High School and intercepted Tang Guo, who was going to the cafeteria.

She was easy to recognize, after all. Being disfigured by acid and still able to continue attending school, Tang Guo was the only one in No.1 High School.

Ma Mao stood outside the cafeteria and looked up. He noticed Tang Guo approaching from a distance.

With a gentle and clean smile on her face, hair tied with into a ponytail, she was wearing a fresh school uniform. The hem of her skirt swayed as she walked. At a glance, her elegance completely overshadowed the scar on her face.

Ma Mao’s heart skipped a beat as he watched the approaching girl.

Especially when he saw that face that was all too familiar, he couldn’t take his eyes off her. It wasn’t until Tang Guo stood in front of him that his earlier self-confidence seemed to have vanished.

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