Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 247

Ji Xiaosi’s question didn’t surprise Tang Guo. She was currently discussing with the system what kind of medicine to produce.

“System, do you have any ideas?”

【Host, I’m still a child. Please don’t corrupt me. I don’t have any ideas.】

“Does growing hair come with the cost of gaining weight? Becoming ugly? Getting acne? Which one do you think is better?”

The system hesitated for a while and finally spoke, 【Host, you’re really mean. She won’t accept any of these three options. I think she would choose baldness, even though it’s extreme. She can always wear a wig, and at least her face will still look good. She used to be fat, ugly, and had acne. She couldn’t accept that.】

【School Flower】: I have three types of hair growth pills here.

Ji Xiaosi was a bit excited, “What are the three types, and what are the side effects?”

This time she was being smart and asked first before making a decision.

The others in the group were also watching, wondering why they thought School Flower wasn’t easy to talk to. They knew it because every time Ji Xiaosi left, School Flower would appear to give them benefits, and she even deleted some important chat records.

【School Flower】: The first type comes with the side effect of gaining fifty kilograms of weight, the second type makes you extremely ugly, and the third type results in a face full of acne. Of course, the side effects only last as long as your bald period, not forever. Consider which one you want.

Ji Xiaosi: “…”

Others in the group: “…” Indeed, she is the School Flower.

Ziyun Zhenren shook his head. As a man, he couldn’t accept such side effects. After all, he had a handsome appearance that could attract many female cultivators.

Ji Xiaosi couldn’t possibly accept it. Only after experiencing being overweight, ugly, and having acne did she understand that all three were very painful. She absolutely couldn’t accept them; she would rather be bald.

“Thank you for your kindness, School Flower, but I’ll pass.”

Ji Xiaosi didn’t know if it was hard for her to accept, but after saying this, she didn’t greet the others and left the group.

There was silence in the group for a while, then it became lively again.

[Misty Fairy]: School Flower, do such medicines really exist?

[School Flower]: Yes, they do. Do you want them? If you do, I’ll help you prepare them immediately.

After thinking it over, they could prepare the medicine immediately? This meant that School Flower was the one who researched and could modify the formula as well.

Realizing this, they burst into laughter, except for Misty Fairy, who still wanted it. Tang Guo asked her for the required medicinal ingredients, spent some time preparing them, and then left the group.

Today she planned to visit the company. The Tang family was powerful, and without the Ma family intentionally causing trouble, they were gradually developing. Tang Guo had no intention of interfering while watching the Tang family prosper.

After all, she had evidence of Ma Mao pouring sulfuric acid on her and Ji Xiaosi pushing her.

Just sending Ma Mao to prison would be letting him off too easy.

As for Ji Xiaosi, she wouldn’t let her off easily. She would make sure the other party lost what she shouldn’t have and then her heart would be at ease.

As for the Ma family, allowing someone like Ma Mao to oppress the Tang family and leave them no way out, there was no need for the Ma family to exist.

The Ma family even had a mistress who seduced her boyfriend’s father, giving her boyfriend a stepmother. Tang Guo wouldn’t let that go either.

As for her boyfriend’s father, he was truly despicable. Since he didn’t want such an excellent son, it would be better for her boyfriend to inherot the Wei family. Father Wei could just go back and retire.

If he didn’t want to, he could retire to the Ma family.

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