Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 246

Is it really intentional by School Flower? Tsk tsk tsk… So School Flower is this kind of person. Look at her pretending to ask, it must be intentional.

I don’t know why, but thinking about Ji Xiaosi being seen by everyone at the peak, he feels a bit of satisfaction!

Haha, why did he become so bad? Hahaha… It must be because of School Flower’s influence.

Ji Xiaosi fell silent for a moment and said, “I did use that pill before.”

“School Flower, is it because of that medicine?” she almost blurted out, “Why did you give me a problematic medicine?”. But now, she had to suppress her dissatisfaction. She couldn’t offend School Flower at this time, so she secretly made a mental note.

[School Flower]: There’s no major problem. Haven’t you noticed the name of this pill?

[Ji Xiaosi]: What?

[School Flower]: Smart and at the Peak! People become smart, but they also reach their peak. Do you think a medicine that good would have no side effects? I asked you before if you needed it, and I exchanged a bunch of items I didn’t need for it.

Ji Xiaosi felt a bit down. Was it her fault? The other party didn’t mention any side effects earlier. If she had known about reaching the peak, she would have definitely considered whether to take it or not.

She sighed, “Is there any way to cure it?”

No one else in the group said anything. In fact, they were all secretly delighted. Hahaha… “Smart and at the Peak”, what a name! People become smart, but also reach their peak.

It’s truly amazing.

Ziyun Zhenren and Chixiao Zhenjun secretly gave their thumbs up. School Flower is really formidable, openly retaliating without giving anyone a chance to find fault. Although they didn’t know when Ji Xiaosi offended School Flower, School Flower was a good person and pleasing to the eye. She was on the same side as them, while Ji Xiaosi was selfish and only thought about herself. They would definitely stand unconditionally on School Flower’s side.

[School Flower]: There’s no problem, it’s just a side effect. Once the side effects wear off, you’ll be able to grow your hair again.

Ji Xiaosi breathed a sigh of relief. It was only a side effect, and she could still grow her hair. That’s good. She had truly had enough of being called ugly and mocked by others.

“So when will it be possible to recover?”

[School Flower]: This ‘Smart and at the Peak’ pill makes a person smart for half an hour, and the side effect lasts for a month after half a month. The number of pills you took corresponds to the number of months.

When Ji Xiaosi saw this reply, her heart sank a little. She took five pills, and she counted on her fingers. Five pills meant five months, so she would have to go nearly half a year before she could grow her hair again?

Would she have a bald head for almost half a year?

Calculating the two-month vacation time, she would almost spend the entire next semester with a Mediterranean hairstyle. Just the thought of it was unbearable. The only consolation was that the next semester was in the latter half of the year, so when it gets cooler, she can wear a hat.

During the beginning of the school year, when it’s still hot, she would have to wear a wig.

[Ji Xiaosi]: Isn’t there any other way? Like using other pills to grow hair?

She didn’t believe there were no such pills. She was convinced that the other party intentionally made her look ugly.

[School Flower]: Yes, there are, but all my medicines have side effects. If you want to achieve one thing, it will be compensated in another part of your body. It depends on whether you are willing to pay that price.

Tang Guo’s words made everyone in the group ponder. It turns out you can do it this way too. They learned something.

Ji Xiaosi asked weakly, “What are the side effects of growing hair?”

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