Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 245

[Alan]: Harold looks so punchable with his arrogant and superior attitude. I really want to whip him with a small leather whip.

[Harold]: It’s just because he’s so ugly that I can’t help but throw a magic ball at him, hoping that God will send a rolling stone to crush him to death.

As the two were about to start arguing, Tang Guo spoke up, “Alright, I got it.”

Misty Fairy chimed in, “As for me, I stole a transparent bead that looked good and was filled with spiritual energy. Then I couldn’t resist eating it. I didn’t expect that after eating it, something like this appeared in my sea of consciousness. It looked interesting, so I stayed submerged for a while before daring to speak.”

[Yinhuan Sanren]: I’m in a similar situation as Misty Fairy. I absorbed something with spiritual energy and that’s how this group came to be.

Originally, the group had only ten people, but then Ji Xiaosi joined, making it eleven. And then Tang Guo joined too, so now there are a total of twelve people in the group.

From their conversation, Tang Guo learned that no one had joined the group for many years, so they were very interested in Ji Xiaosi’s arrival and valued her to some extent.

Despite knowing all this, Tang Guo and the system still hadn’t figured out what triggered the appearance of new group members.

Ji Xiaosi appeared again, and the system immediately notified Tang Guo.

“Emmanuel, your hair tonic doesn’t work for me, but it seems to work for rabbits,” Ji Xiaosi said, suspecting that her hair loss wasn’t due to Emmanuel’s cosmetic device.

Then she regretted it. Why did she return the cosmetic device for the sake of hair tonic in a moment of conflict?

She wanted to ask Emmanuel for another exchange, but he seemed to be absent from the group, ignoring her. This made Ji Xiaosi somewhat panicked.

Now her biggest concern was her hair, so she disregarded Emmanuel and turned to ask the other group members for advice.

She scrolled through the visible chat records and found Tang Guo. Her eyes lit up, and she quickly asked, “School Flower, can you help me? I’ve lost all the hair on my head. I went to the hospital for a check-up, and the doctor said everything was normal, they couldn’t find the cause of my hair loss.”

Nowadays, people came to comfort her every day, asking if her hair had grown back. It felt like she had returned to the time when everyone mocked her, and she couldn’t describe how painful it was.

She urgently hoped for her hair to grow back, to return to the time when everyone called her Goddess Ji. She missed the feeling of everyone smiling at her and being adored like the moon among the stars.

[School Flower]: You’re experiencing hair loss? What happened?

[Ji Xiaosi]: I don’t know either. When I went to pick up my final exam report, because I did well, I couldn’t help but scratch my hair. Unexpectedly, a bunch of it fell out with just one scratch, and when I rubbed it again, all the hair on the top of my head fell out.

At that time, she didn’t know how people around her were looking at her. She just wanted to escape. For so many days, she hadn’t dared to see Fu Zhuoshu. She didn’t know if Fu Zhuoshu would break up with her when he saw her like this.

[School Flower]: Did you use that super-smart pill?

When Ji Xiaosi saw this message, she had a bad feeling. At the same time, when Ziyun Zhenren saw this message, a look of realization appeared on his face. He finally understood why he had that feeling before.

So it was really because of School Flower.

He silently pondered whether School Flower did it intentionally or unintentionally. It really seemed intentional, otherwise, wouldn’t she have informed Ji Xiaosi in advance about the consequences of taking that pill?

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