Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 243

Emmanuel unhappy, but he would endure it this time if he could get the cosmetic device back. Truly, he no longer wanted any contact with Ji Xiaosi.

Others in the group were also silently lurking, once again realizing Ji Xiaosi’s selfishness. After all, Emmanuel had helped her and shared so much knowledge about beauty with her. Her behavior was truly disheartening.

Tang Guo was also paying attention. She saw that Ji Xiaosi was persisting in self-destruction and she had no intention of stopping her. In fact, she hadn’t expected Ji Xiaosi to go to such lengths.

Everyone in the group was extraordinary. Ji Xiaosi would receive great benefits if she was able to get along a bit better with the others.

[It’s not surprising that her halo disappeared when you, the host, appeared. Without the halo, people naturally wouldn’t easily believe her words or be deceived, making it easier to see her true nature. What’s so strange about that? Host, you’ve experienced so many worlds, and together we’ve seen how the IQ of all the supporting characters and villains starts heading in a negative direction once the idiotic protagonist gains a halo.]

“So, I’m starting to envy the lucky ones chosen by fate.”

[Come on, host, you have the power to directly erase their luck and remove their halo. Don’t envy them. Who knows, maybe they’re envious of you.]

The system doubted the origin of his host. Honestly, as soon as he became conscious, he was bound to the host, and the two of them began completing missions. Neither of them knew about their pasts.

There was a moment of silence in the group. Ji Xiaosi couldn’t wait any longer. Soon, Emmanuel had news.

[Emmanuel]: I have a new hair growth tonic here that works quite well for us. Soldiers who go into battle often have trouble growing their hair for various reasons. After using this hair tonic, they all grew new hair. But let’s make it clear, I don’t know if it will work for you. If you’re skeptical, you can try it on a small animal first.

“No problem.” Ji Xiaosi saw hope and how could she refuse?

She held the delicate cosmetic device in her hand, feeling a little reluctant. But when she thought about how embarrassing she looked now, she gritted her teeth and sent the cosmetic device as a red packet in the group.

Emmanuel also sent two bottles of hair tonic to Ji Xiaosi. Ji Xiaosi, who received the hair tonic, didn’t immediately use it. She was somewhat skeptical of interstellar products.

Quickly bidding farewell to the people in the group, she was ready to buy two rabbits, shave off their fur, and see the effects of the hair tonic.

[Ziyun Zhenren]: Scared, scared.

[Chixiao Zhenjun]: Scared, scared.

[Demon Sect Master]: +1

[Margaret]: Add a page of spells.

After confirming that Ji Xiaosi had stopped paying attention to the group, Tang Guo appeared.

[School Flower]: What’s going on?

Emmanuel, who felt like he had found someone to confide in after being deceived, said, “School Flower, I really shouldn’t have kindly given her a cosmetic device.”

The cosmetic device Ji Xiaosi had snatched was only the initial version, which he had brought to show off to the group. Later, after becoming familiar with Ji Xiaosi, knowing her interest in the cosmetic device, he had sent her the highest-grade version that was produced later.

Now, she was suspecting that his cosmetic device had problems, and anyone in his shoes would feel heartbroken. Having your good intentions treated like a joke didn’t sit well with many people.

Emmanuel forced a bitter smile, “How would I know? I kindly replaced her cosmetic device, but in the end, I received no gratitude and was even suspected by her.”

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