Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 242

Ji Xiaosi’s pursuit of peak learning quickly spread throughout the school.

Although today was the day to collect report cards, with the holiday season approaching, everyone should have been busy with plans for leisure and not paying much attention to this matter.

However, Ji Xiaosi had recently gained significant popularity. Firstly, a few months ago, she transformed from an ugly, oily, overweight girl with poor grades into a goddess. She even started a social media account where she frequently shared her experiences in weight loss, beauty, and studying. Many people in the school, including her fans, followed her on social media.

Secondly, Ji Xiaosi managed to win over the school heartthrob, Fu Zhuoshu. Just a few days ago, they were seen holding hands and strolling together, causing quite a commotion.

As a result, after Ji Xiaosi left the classroom in pursuit of ‘peak learning’, many girls spread the news in various group chats and even started a thread on the school forum, attesting to witnessing the radiant forehead of Ji Xiaosi.

Soon, the whole school was in an uproar.

Even on Ji Xiaosi’s social media account, many fans were asking if Ji Xiaosi really achieved the pinnacle for the final exams.

Ji Xiaosi paid no attention to these comments. When she returned home, she immediately went to the mirror. The reflection showed a beautiful girl, but with a shiny bald head, which drove her crazy.

“How could this happen?”

Ji Xiaosi couldn’t understand. The first thing that came to her mind was that there might be something wrong with the cosmetic device she received from Emmanuel, the interstellar being. Modern people generally had the notion that high-tech products inevitably emitted significant radiation, which could lead to various health problems with prolonged use.

Since receiving the cosmetic device, she had been using it every day. Whenever she found something she didn’t like about her appearance, she would use the device to fix it and make that area more perfect.

[Emmanuel]: Impossible. The products I have are all qualified. Radiation? You’re overthinking it. There is no radiation in the place where we interstellar beings live. We have special devices to shield against radiation.

Ji Xiaosi was on the verge of tears. “Then why is my hair falling out?”

Immanuel was getting a little impatient. He had kindly given Ji Xiaosi a better cosmetic device, but she still doubted him. He didn’t have much goodwill towards Ji Xiaosi in the first place and she questioned the quality of his product. He, as a highly respected senior cosmetic surgeon among interstellar beings, had never been treated like this before.

Even members of the royal family sometimes needed his services to restore specific parts of their bodies due to various battles.

This Ji Xiaosi was indeed not on the same level as him. The school flower was right; he should have less contact with her in the future.

[Emmanuel]: Well, my cosmetic device is fine. If you don’t believe it, you can return it to me. As for what you gave me, I can compensate you with something else.

His words were merely polite. After all, what Ji Xiaosi had given him was just ordinary food, while he had provided her with an advanced cosmetic device that was hard to obtain even in the interstellar realm.

Ji Xiaosi didn’t see it that way. She was only thinking about her current situation. “Then what can you give me in return? Do you have any way to make my hair grow back?”

Emmanuel was genuinely impatient now. This ancient primate was not intelligent at all. He was just being polite, but she took it seriously. At this point, he wasn’t worried at all about Ji Xiaosi bringing any danger to the interstellar realm.

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