Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 241

“Let me share another bit of good news with you all. Tang Guo only lost one point in Chinese.”

The homeroom teacher was extremely excited. They thought Tang Guo wouldn’t perform well this time, but they were truly surprised by her.

This is truly inspiring.

Could this be the legendary turning grief into strength?

So they silently reached a consensus that no matter what Tang Guo did, as long as she didn’t break the law and didn’t fall behind in her grades, even if she liked Wei Yue and wanted to be friends with him, they would let her go for it.

With this thought, their impression of the underachiever Wei Yue improved quite a bit.

Ji Xiaosi tightly gripped her thigh and stared wide-eyed, finding it hard to believe that Tang Guo only lost one point… and it was in Chinese. There was no need to think too much; it must have been deducted from her composition.

However, one point deduction was practically the same as a perfect score.

Fu Zhuoshu was also puzzled. His gaze had never left Tang Guo. She truly surprised him.

Without her beautiful appearance, she still shone brightly. With her presence, all eyes would be drawn to her.

Fu Zhuoshu retracted his gaze and couldn’t help but press his hand against his heart, his lips forming a bitter smile. He had to admit that she was the one he noticed from the beginning, although it wasn’t evident before.

Now… he understood, but he still didn’t have a chance.

In her eyes, there was only Wei Yue.

“Hey, boyfriend, your grades are really bad.”

Tang Guo flipped through Wei Yue’s test paper and could tell at a glance that Wei Yue probably didn’t even look at the questions and wrote randomly. Naturally, his final score would be the last.

“But it matches me well. The first and last place are in a romantic relationship. It feels quite interesting, don’t you think?”

Wei Yue: “…Do all young girls think like this now?”

Ji Xiaosi painfully scratched her hair, suddenly feeling that something was wrong. She forcefully tugged at it and felt something fluffy in her hand. Subconsciously, she removed it and saw a handful of hair. She immediately froze in place.

“Xiaosi, are you losing your hair??”

“No, Xiaosi, you’ve lost all the hair on your head.”

Her desk mate quickly took out a small mirror for Ji Xiaosi. Ji Xiaosi stared at her reflection in the mirror and then saw herself… completely bald!


Ji Xiaosi screamed, completely attracting everyone’s attention. Then, all the students in Class 3 saw Ji Xiaosi’s bald appearance. Ji Xiaosi realized it and quickly covered her head with her hand.

As a result, she accidentally touched her loosely tied hair, and all the remaining hair on her scalp came off.

Her bare forehead was exposed, making people want to laugh but also feel embarrassed.

The homeroom teacher: “…” It seems that Ji Xiaosi has been working really hard lately. There aren’t many students like her.

“Teacher, I… I need to leave.”

Ji Xiaosi suppressed her tears and no longer cared about the gazes of others.

The homeroom teacher nodded. “Go ahead. You’ve worked hard recently. Go to the hospital first to see what’s going on.”

Ji Xiaosi nodded absently, clutching her school bag, and ran out in a panic, forgetting to greet Fu Zhuoshu.

After Ji Xiaosi left, the class burst into laughter.

The homeroom teacher sternly knocked on the table. “Ji Xiaosi worked so hard for her studies, and how can you mock her efforts?”

The laughter subsided.

But they faintly heard a low chuckle and silently turned their gaze towards Tang Guo’s position. Tang, the school flower, was laughing. Didn’t the homeroom teacher notice?

The homeroom teacher: “…” I choose to ignore it. Can he be foolish enough to scold the first-place student?

Speaking of which, Tang Guo was even more impressive. She didn’t even have bald patches despite being the top student in the grade.

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